Nik’s Pet Battles

WoW Pet obsession? Don’t mind if I do!

Celestial Tournament Time!

Y'all ready for this! Actually, that's a good question, are you ready for the Celestial Tournament? What do you need to do before you can start?

Master Li speaks!

Master Li says:
You must be this tall to enter!
Very funny, Master Li. Hi-lar-i-ous in fact.

But he's right. Since you aren't allowed to heal your pets between fights, you need to have at least 5 teams or 15 max level pets to have a chance. And since the fights can be pretty rough, you're gonna need more than that if you want to match up against the tamers. This guide has a detailed shopping list of what you might need, though it really depends on the strategy you use. I'm not going to give you the Complete Idiot's Guide to this tournament. Rather, I'm going to show what what I use to beat them and let you figure things out on your own.

It Begins!

Celestial Tournament is Ready!

There's no flying around finding these tamers in whatever eccentric hiding place. You just click the button and you're there. That's the good news. The bad news is if you heal any of your pets, the entire thing needs to be restarted. So you need to pay attention to what the other tamers are doing and not use all your cool pets at the start.

They're all bosses

They're all pretty Boss.

The first three tamers you have to take on, are randomly selected from the list. They've each got three hard hitting Legendary pets and some of them can be quite a pain.

Meet the Tamer(ses)

Actually, if you've played enough of this expansion, you're likely to see alot of familiar faces. There's Lorewalker Cho, Chen Stormstout, Wrathion, and even ol' Sully! The rest of them should seem familiar whether you've actually hung out with them or not in the past. And watch out for Blingtron, passive-aggressive isn't even half of it. That Bot needs his attitude circuits adjusted!

Blingtron taunts you!

Dammit Blingtron!

Battle Royale

Let's cover these fights one-by-one:

Wise Mari

Wise Mari

Wise Mari speaks… to water?

Wise Mari has got an Aquatic pet, a Magic pet, and an Elemental. The Magic pet is big on Magic damage and the other two have heavy Aquatic attacks. It's designed to try and keep you from just running over him with Flying pets, although it doesn't really work that well.

Carpe Diem fish picture

Meet Carpe Diem.
He's a carp, get it?!?

Carpe Diem isn't your typical fish. Instead of just doing pump and surge, he's got Cleansing Rain and Dreadful Breath which are designed to hit your back line pets very hard. Especially any Dragonkin you may be hiding there. Of course, you don't really need to hide your dragonkin. I dropped a speedy Silver Dragonhawk with Quills and just rolled over him. Flying pets, especially ones with Quills also work, but whatever pet you pick, make sure you have something that can handle the Magic pet hiding in his back row.

Spirus the magical water pet.

Meet Spirus.
He's a handful.

Spirus is the anchor of the team. He's got Arcane Blast, which is a strong magic attack, Soul Ward to avoid those big hits, and Healing Wave to top himself up. Good thing you brought something with Dragonkin damage, right? I used the Silver Dragonhawk with Quills to take out the first pet and Flame Breath + Conflagrate will let it (mostly) finish off Spirus. Other pets, like the Mechanical Dragonling will do well if you don't have a Dragonkin that will work. Avoid Flying or Aquatic damage pets, for this guy, however.

River, the water elemental.

Meet River.
Annoyance rating: Moderate.

River isn't super tough as long as you have a good Aquatic damaging pet. A snail is a very good choice as that will let you Dive to avoid Pump and/or Whirlpool. You can try and Burn it down with a strong damaging pet, but it's probably better to pick something that can Dive or Block as it hits pretty hard. For your third pet, just bring a Moth or another good Flyer. You'll likely need a pet that can keep the damage off in case your regular pets come across some bad RNG.

Shademaster Kiryn

Shademaster Kiryn

Meet Shademaster Kiryn.
Haven't I seen you lurking around here before?

Shademaster Kiryn is a bit tough if you don't have something that matches up well against her first pet. The other two are tough, but her yeti pet is mean!


Meet Nairn!
Preferably not on some lonely mountaintop…

Nairn is one tough yeti! He's got a critter attack, Nairn! that hits like a truck, a humanoid attack (Giant's Blood) that buffs him by 25%, and he can make it snow with Call of Winter. Ideally, you need something that does a ton of Undead damage, but isn't actually Undead! So if you've got Lofty Libram up your sleeve, go for it.

What I like to do, however, is hit him with a DoT and force him to swap. There are a number of Undead pets with a force swap that will work, or you can hit him with a DoT and a pet that stuns. A Tiny Bog Beast worked very well for me as it is also strong on his next pet. It may be hard to find the exact match, but a pet that swaps or stuns is better than going toe to toe with Nairn. In fact, if Nairn pops up, just DoT and swap/stun and save him for last, in my opinion.

Stormoen, a mechanical kittah.

Meet Stormoen.
Did the other mechanical cats tease you about that name?

You've seen something like this move set before, though maybe not all on the same pet. There's Call Lightning to boost its damage, Build Turret to zap you with little lightning charged bullets, and Batter to hit you with little lightning charged mechanical attacks. Your best bet for this guy is an Elemental. It can be a fast Elemental that does alot of little hits, like the Bog Beast or Lashling, or something that changes the weather. Or maybe an Elemental with a shield ability. Anything goes, but try and find one faster than 272, if you can, as that will reduce the damage you take from Batter.

Summer, a typical wolf pet. If your wolf pet was a cat.

Meet Summer.
A wolf pet that acts like a cat.

Summer has Prowl, and Dodge and Bite. Not exactly the same moveset as a cat, but not really a Wolf either. Doesn't matter, either way you just need to sick a strong Mechanical on her, time your attacks around her Dodge and you should be good!

Blingtron 4000

Blingtron 4000 with pets.

Meet Blingtron 4000.
Life of the party?
Or passive-aggressive robot in need of serious adjustment?!?
You already know what I think about it!

I probably wouldn't hate Blingtron if he didn't cost so much and give so little. Like, even a nice pet would be better than all that left over oil he stuck me with. Also, he's kind of a jerk.

Blingtron gloats at your failure.

Just what the world needs, a trash-talking robot.

On the other hand, he's got some very shiny pets.

Au, a golden elemental.

Meet Au.
He's golden. Because he's Au, the chemical symbol for Gold…
Don't look at me like that!

Au is kind of a weird little elemental. He's got a humanoid attack, Golden Fist which you see occasionally. Then he's got Gold Rush which does a ton of Elemental damage and also damages him a little. Finally, he's got Goldskin which does a small amount of elemental damage, but also protects him from attacks (including those from Goldrush). But really, all you need is a fairly quick Aquatic pet with Pump. Prime the pump while he's putting on his Goldskin then release it just after Goldrush so he gets hit with a huge Aquatic damage attack. It pretty much one shots him.

Banks looks like a golden piggy bank.

Meet Banks.
A walking piggy bank.

Banks can be a bit tough if you don't have something that matches up with him. Make it Rain will wreck most Beast pets and you need something that does Beast damage to burn through the huge heal from Buried Treasure. I've done really well with a turtle as the shell will protect you from most of the attacks and it does good Beast damage. Burning him down with a Parrot or Eagle type pet (using Claw) also works and you can time your avoidance to keep from getting hit with the Make it Rain every time it's on cooldown. Just don't make the mistake of using an actual Beast pet unless you have something with very good avoidance.

Lil B hurts you.

Meet Lil' B.
What a big pain.

Lil' B is what makes this fight annoying. I suppose the best way to take him on is to bring a pet that can easily dispatch one of the first two pets (like a Core hound, or a Shale Hatchling) and gang up on the last guy. If you're thinking of bringing just a normal Elemental, that will unfortunately only get you 95% of the way as his Extra Plating and Blingtron Gift Package will keep him from dying really quick without some kind of buff.

I wiped to him once before I decided to go ahead with a Phoenix and timed my Conflagrate to trigger when his shield was down and used my self heal to get me over the line before he could finish me. Swapping in a Shale Hatchling type pet (or a Corehound) to handle Banks and then ganging up on Lil' B probably would have been the smarter move.

Other Tamers

You only see three of the nine tamers each week, which is a good thing. But it also means I don't have any pretty pictures yet.

I'll just go over each one briefly and refer you to this article if you want to get a different take on them. Hopefully, I'll get around to filling out the rest of the tamers.

Lorewalker Cho

Lorewalker Cho is a pretty cool guy with some pretty cool pets. I have a feeling he was there because it was the place to be more than anything else as his pets aren't that tough.

Wisdom the owl.

Meet Wisdom.
A fluffy looking owl… of DEATH!

Wisdom is an owl type Flying pet with Peck, Wild Magic, and Rip. Any strong Magic dealing pet should take her down. Avoid using Flying or Critter pets.

Patience the broom.

Meet Patience.
A harmless looking broom… of DEATH!

Patience should be familiar to most PvP battlers. A giant magic broom with a Humanoid attack, Broom, a self-heal (Tranquility), and a hard hitting magic attack (Clean-up). This last one seems to be there to keep people from using a Dragonling, as it wipes away Decoy and other objects on the battlefield, but you can just go ahead and use it or another strong Dragonkin damaging pet if you like. Or a Beast if you want to reduce the damage from Broom. An actual Dragonkin might not be a good idea against this pet, however.

Knowledge the dragon.

Meet Knowledge.
A cute looking golden dragon… of DEATH!

Knowledge is a tough Dragonkin pet that hits pretty hard but isn't super tough to kill. If you have non-Magic pet that's slower than 244, or a pet with a shield ability, then you should be good. A humanoid with avoidance is also very good. Avoid Magic and Mechanical pets.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom

Where did they dig up that old fossil. Jurassic Park maybe?! Har-har, I kill me! Anyways, this guy can be a little tough if you don't have a good matchup.

Screamer the Pterodactyl.

Meet Screamer.
Aren't you supposed to be extinct?

Screamer is a Flying pet that does a bit of a hit and run attack. If you have a magic damaging pet with some ramp up time, or a Flying pet that can also Lift-Off you should be okay. Just expect her to Feign Death and disappear mid way through killing her. You can drop sticky bombs or something if you think that's annoying, but mainly just time your abilities to hit her when she's there and concentrate on the next pet.

Trike the Triceratops.

Meet Trike.
Triceratops went out of fashion millions of years ago.
Like during the 80s!

Trike is a Beast pet that hits pretty hard. Also, he can use Horn attack to force you to lose your turn if he's faster than you, and Adrenaline Rush to make sure he is faster than you some of the time. That's why I'd suggest a Flying pet rather than a Mechanical as you'll take much less damage. Stick two Flying pets on him and the first pet and just outlast them.

Chaos the wonder pet.

Meet Chaos.
What is this I don't even…

Chaos is a Magic pet that does Humanoid damage, and has a large Dragonkin attack which is boosted by Uncertainty, a Magic buff that increases critical strike by 50%. You need a pet with avoidance and preferably a good Dragonkin attack. An Onyxian Whelpling type pet will work well as long as you time your Lift-Off to avoid getting hit with an Uncertainty buffed Instability attack. A moth can also work fairly well as its cocoon helps you avoid the large Dragonkin hit. Though it's maybe not ideal.

Sully "The Pickle" McLeary

Hey it's Sully! He's kind of grumpy about losing so many pets along the way, but it's still good to see him. His pets aren't exactly EZ Mode, but they are vulnerable to the right matchup.

Socks the undead racoon.

Meet Socks.
Back from the dead!

Socks has been resurrected and has a strong Undead attack, Infected Claw and a strong Beast attack, Claw. He also does this thing where he kills himself and debuffs your entire team called Unholy Ascension. Stick a Frog on him with both Critter abilities and you should be good. Avoid using Critters or Humanoids against Socks.

Monte the rabbit.

Meet Monte.
He's a killer!

Monte, AKA the Darkmoon Rabbit will rip yer face off if you let him. Bring a moth or a Parrot type Flying pet, time your abilities correctly, and you should be safe. Avoid using Critters.

Rikki the mongoose.

Meet Rikki.
May actually be a wombat in disguise!

Rikki is a Mongoose with some weird Humanoid and Beast abilities. Bloodfang can hit pretty hard with Beast damage. He's also got something to give him extra dodge, Cute Face, and the usual Gnaw attack. Just bring a Moth, it's safest.

Even More Tamers


Wrathion and three dragons.

Meet Wrathion.
and his distant cousins pets who are in no way related to him.

He's here, because it's the place to be, and he's got some Dragonkin type friends, because he's secretly a Dragon. And if there weren't any Humanoids or Critters, or Mechanical pets with boxing gloves, he'd have this tournament in the bag.

Cindy the undead dragon.

Meet Cindy, AKA, Lil' Sindragosa.

Cindy has a weird and unique attack called Blistering Cold which hits your pet with a strong Elemental attack that increases over time until you swap it out. Also Diseased Bite, a typical Undead attack, and Ice Tomb which damages and stuns. Bring a Snail or another Critter with a shield or damage reducer and you should be good.

Alex the tiny red dragon.

Meet Alex, AKA, Lil' Alexstrasza.

Alex is a typical dragon with a self-heal, Ancient Blessing, and an Elemental attack, Flamethrower. Bring a strong Humanoid and burn her down. Or a different pet with humanoid attacks. It's all good.

Alex the tiny red dragon.

Meet Dah'da, AKA, Deathwing.
Or Daddy, if you're secretly a Black dragon!

Dah'da, aka Lil' Deathwing, is a Dragonkin with a 25% damage buff, Roll and a damaging stun, Elementium Bolt. Bring a strong humanoid pet, preferably with some damage avoidance and just burn him down.

Chen Stormstout

Chen Stormstout.

Meet Chen Stormstout. Again.
Unless you skipped like all of the MoP questing or something.

Chen Stormstout is another cool blast from the past. He's got some nice pets, but the matchups are pretty typical. So he's not super tough.

Tonsa, the giant Kodo looking thing.

Meet Tonsa.
She's a giant Kodo-looking Beast pet.

Tonsa is a hard hitting Beast pet with an attack that can stun (Headbutt) and also Chew which does a ton of Critter damage. Any decent Mechanical pet should be able to take her down. If you don't have one to spare, A strong Flying pet should do okay.

Chirps, a grasshopper.

Meet Chirps.
He's a tiny grasshopper… of Death!

Chirps actually hits pretty hard, but only does Critter damage. An Anubisath Idol should mitigate most of his attacks (including Locust Swarm), or you can use a Turtle with beast damage and a shield, or a humanoid like the Wolvar Pup, which will take much less damage and hit him pretty hard.

An Ale-mental.

Meet Brewly.
He's a tiny beer monster!

Brewly is just cool. He's an Elemental that gets your team drunk (with Inebriate), and then tosses brew and beer barrels at you, which do Aquatic and Beast damage. If you've got a good Aquatic pet or (maybe) an Elemental that does Aquatic damage, you should be fine. Avoid using Critters and Mechanical damaging pets.

Taran Zhu

Taran Zhu with monks.

Meet Taran Zhu.
And his gang of monks? Flock of monks? Murder of monks??

Taran Zhu has more Monks than a level 19 dungeon during launch week. And they've all got weird abilities that try and keep you from using Undead pets. Or Critters. Or Dragonkin.

Shrunkin Monks? That's total BS.

Shrunken Monks? Who signed off on this BS??

If you're new to him, it might take you a bit to find something that works. So you should likely take Taran Zhu on first, as you can then reset the Scenario if you fail too many times without having to fight the other two again.

Yen the tiny monk.

Meet Yen.
Who looks exactly like the other two.

Yen has a strong Critter attack, Comeback, and he will also swap out using Feign Death at 50% health. And he usually opens with Blackout Kick, which stuns you. You can either use a Critter pet with an Undead attack, like a snail, or open with an Undead that has Curse of Doom (like the Creepy Crate) and swap it out fairly quickly. No matter which pet you start with, you should probably swap out any Critter pets before the next monk.

Bolo the other tiny monk.

Meet Bolo.
Who… wait for it…
Looks exactly like the other two monks! ZOMG!

Bolo has a strong Beast attack (Rampage) a Blind attack (Blinding Powder) and a Humanoid attack (Punch). In many ways, he's the most annoying, but he can be taken out. Again, swap any critter pets at the start, then bring in something that does Undead damage (most good undead pets), and generally avoid using any crowd control as that will just force you to swap when he does. If you can finish him with one pet up, you're should be okay.

Li the other-est tiny monk.

Meet Li.
Who looks vaguely familiar.
Have I seen you somewhere before?

Li has another Beast attack Triple Snap and a Humanoid attack (Spin Kick.) that interrupts your turn. Also a huge self heal, called Bandage, which he uses alot as it only has a 3 turn cooldown. A flyer, or a (non-critter) pet with some kind of Pierce Armor or swam works okay, though any good Undead damaging pet will also power through his heals. Avoid using Critters. Slow pets can also lose alot of turns to his Humanoid ability.

The Finish Line

If those Tamers weren't enough, now you've got to face four Beasts of Fable level pets in order to win. Oh, and you still can't heal your pets or you have to start over. No pressure now!

Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon

Yula the dragon

Meet Yu'la.
She's a cutie!

Yu'la can be tricky, unless you've got a Pandaren Monk. Then just open with Blackout Kick, spam Takedown until she flies into the air, and use your Staggered Steps to keep from getting killed when she lands. Rinse and repeat and bring a cleanup Humanoid. But what if you don't have a Monk?

Yulas abilities

Yu'la has a strong Dragonkin attack Jade Breath, a very strong shield ability Emerald Presence, and a strong Flying attack Lift-Off. Also, when she gets one of your pets below 50%, those abilities will hit extra hard. You need something fast with good Humanoid damage and something to avoid that Lift-Off. You can open with something that buffs your team, like a Ghostly Skull or a Fox pet, but hard hitting humanoid damaging pets are what will finish her off. So make sure you save two or three from your earlier fights.

Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji

Chi-chi the bird

Meet Chi-Chi.
He's hot stuff.

This fight looks pretty tricky. The pet does a large amount of Elemental damage and self healing. But I've came up with a good way to make this super easy.

Chi-chis abilities

So you're breaking this down and thinking, Critters, we're gonna need critters to keep him from burning us with Fire Quills. But he also heals and dodges. What to do?

Rot pet ability

Rot makes it EZ Mode.

Break out that Voodoo Figurine or Sen'jin Fetish you've been hiding, pop Wild Magic and Rot on poor Chi-Chi, swap to a Beetle or other pet with Swarm, and he's dead super quick. Bring a spare if you feel like it but I've never had him last an entire round of Swarm.

Or you can use three snails, or any combination of critters and stuff to wear him down slowly. Up to you, just make sure and save your Figurine if you want to use it against this guy.

Zao, Calfling of Niuzao

Zao the Bull

Meet Zao.
He's one tough mutha.

Zao is another one that can give you fits sometimes. In fact, when I was first learning this, he gave me more than a little trouble. Why is that?

Zaos abilities

Well he's got a strong Beast attack, Trample, a very strong Beast attack, Niuzao's Charge, and Wish which can heal up 80% of his health if you don't debuff it.

I'm sure everyone has their own pet strategy. What I tend to do is make sure to save at least one strong Mechanical and a Crow. I open with a Fox damage him a bit (maybe) and then Howl to give him a huge debuff. Then the fox is dead and I swap to the crow and hit him with Call Darkness and Nocturnal Strike. At that point, I swap to my Mechanical and finish him off.

If you have a Blingtron pet of your own, Inflation + Wild Magic also works very well. Finally, you can try that Rot + Critter attack strategy from the previous pet. Again, there's more than one way to tackle this guy.

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen

Xu-Fu the Tiger

Meet Xu-Fu.
What a pretty kittah!

Xu-Fu is a very pretty cat, who can be a bit of a pain. Unless you've got a couple more Mechanicals you can throw at him.

Xu-Fus abilities

Xu-Fu has Moonfire which hits for a ton of Magic damage and changes the weather to something that boosts healing. He's also got Spirit Claws which always hit during Moonlight weather and Feed which heals for 100% of damage dealt, and extra during Moonlight. So you want to immediately change the weather. Preferably to something Mechanically oriented, like Lightning Storm.

If you've got a Skywisp Moth, you should use that first. Open with Cocoon Strike, use Call Lightning, and then swap to your Mechanicals and burn Xu-Fu down. Other pets with Call Lightning also work well to open with. Depending upon what you have left, you can use a Flyer or another swarming pet in place of one of your Mechanicals, but avoid Critters.


Victory speech

Congratulations, you've won the Celestial Tournament!

By now you're probably asking yourself, is it worth all the effort? Well look at these fabulous prizes and judge for yourself. The only bad news is, you can only earn one coin per week!

Fabulous Prizes

Raiding with Leashes #1:
Molten Core

If you're the type of collector that actually has time for the mad ramblings of a small gnome with a big pet obsession, then you've probably picked up at least a few of these pets by now. Especially since most of the Raiding With Leashes pets are widely available the Auction House, if you've got a bit of gold to spend. And some of those pets are pretty dang good.

But if you're a cheap bastage, like myself, and you've got a few alts (again, like myself), you can have a bit of fun and profit running through these old zones.

The Pets

The Molten Core pets aren't the best battlers (or the worst battlers). But they do have some charm and they're not that difficult to get. You just kill the bosses and pick up your new friend. What they drop in particular is:

Harbinger of Flame

Mark of Flame: 6% drop chance.
Summons a Harbinger of Flame.

Corefire Imp

Blazing Rune: 8.7% drop chance to drop.
Summons a Corefire Imp.

Ashstone Core

Core of Hardened Ash: 8.43% drop chance.
Summons an Ashstone Core.

Really, the hardest part of Molten Core at Level 90 is making enough bag space for the huge amounts of stuff that drops here. We're talking a 40 person raid worth of vendor trash! The next hardest part, of course, is finding the dang entrance!!

To Blackrock Mountain!

Gate into Blackrock Mountain

First you go into this (or the other) huge entry door.

Door to Molten Core entry

Then you fly around until you find this little door next to the huge lake of fire.

There's a high elf there who is kind enough to teleport you. In fact, after years and year of of this, he's gotten so bored, that he's letting anyone and everyone in!

High Elf door person

Yeah, yeah, sure whatever kid… Just make sure you shut the door behind you! Don't want any pesky giant fire things finding their way out!

This is very good because you used to have to fight your way to the backside of Blackrock Depths and click on this shiny rock thing before he'd let you in. Much nicer this way!

Into the Molten Core

Giant fire things

Giant fiery rock monsters. Why did it have to be giant fiery rock monsters?!?

And so now you're here. And there's lots of giant fire things walking around. If you're new to Molten Core, you're probably all like “now where do I go?”

Finding Your Way Around

Map of Molten Core

It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This…

Which is why I got this handy map with arrows and stuff. Basically, just follow the arrows to your pets. All of the pets drop from bosses that are way at the back end of the instance. Thankfully, you can skip most of the bosses in the raid, but there's still alot of trash mobs that you end up picking up as you're walking by.

Boss 1: Magmadar

Core hounds on fire!

These core hounds all need to die at the same time.

Not that tough to get to, but he's at the back of a room filled with packs of core hounds. And you can't just pick up all the packs and go to town because, unless every single hound in a pack is dead at the same time, they start to smolder and then they come back to life. Kind of a pain.

Boss 2: Golemagg the Incinerator

So you double back towards the entrance, hug the walls, sneak across a bridge past a giant fast moving flame boss (Baron Geddon) then jump off a bridge and you're there! Simple?

Or you can take the less discrete way and just kill every single thing in your path. It'll take you an extra 20 mins and you'll have very full bags. But it's totally your call.

Geddon is annoyingly walking around and stuff.

I wasn't joking about the flame boss.

Yes, you really should jump off a bridge.

Jumping off the bridge wasn't a joke either.

Yes, you really should jump off a bridge.

This place lasts forevver.

Boss 3: Sulfuron Harbinger

He's not that far away from the other boss. You can even take him out first if you like. He's got a pack of mobs that heal him up pretty quickly, but you should be able to DPS them down while you're killing the big guy.

Down like a chump.

Dead now.

Pro Tips

1. If you're looking for Legendary weapons, Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker and Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros are here. From what I understand, you gotta farm this for a bit, but they have only a slightly lower drop rate than the 6% for the Harbinger of Flame. Then there's an annoying quest line, but I suppose it was there to give raids an incentive to farm this place for months and months on end.

2. If you want to get the achievement for completing this raid, you have to clear all the bosses. Then Majordomo Executus shows up on that huge empty cliff near the last two pet bosses. Then he summons Ragnaros, which is the last boss.

How do I get outta here?!?

Ah, an excellent question. There's no quick way out. Just the long slog to the front entrance, but thankfully, that doesn't take you through BRD. Of course, the only reason to go all the way back is if you want to go farm Blackwing Lair for pets. Otherwise, just use your Hearthstone.

Unless, of course, you deleted it to make room for just… one more… old school epic that dropped! BRB, my stupid bags are full again!

Raiding with Leashes #2:
Blackwing Lair

Blackwing Lair is a bit tougher to solo than the other old school dungeons, and it also has an attunement requirement. This means you're less likely to see some of the pets on the auction house than Molten Core or many of the other Raiding with Leashes dungeons. It's not all that bad if you have the right character/spec and come prepared.

The Pets

The pets, especially Chrominius, are pretty tough battlers.

Untamed Hatchling

Unscathed Egg: 15% drop chance.
Summons an Untamed Hatchling.

Death Talon Whelpguard

Blackwing Banner: 12% drop chance to drop.
Summons a Death Talon Whelpguard.


Whistle of Chromatic Bone: 16% drop chance.
Summons Chrominius.

Finding the Entrance

The entrance to Blackwing Lair is very close to Molten Core. The easiest way to get there is to just fly up and through a balcony.

Screenshot of outside balcony.

But unlike most instances, there's no swirly portal. Instead, you click on this golden orb.

Screenshot of orb room with dead orc guards.

Mind the gap!

Attunement Quest

Screenshot of upstairs window.

Always take time to stop and smell the burning lava.

First, take a moment to enjoy the spectacular view. It was probably even more epic back in the day when there were no flying mounts and you had to fight a mess of guards to get here.

At this point, the orb will either let you in, if you're attuned, or show some quest text, if you are not. The process takes a bit of time, but should be no biggy for a high level character. Click here to skip ahead.

Step One: Find the Stupid Orc™

Downstairs, down a ramp, and next to a bunch of other easy to kill orcs, is the Scarshield Quartermaster.

Screenshot of scarshield quartermaster.

That is one stupid orc.

Kill him and he drops a note explaining why clicking the orb thingy doesn't work. It also gives you the quest to get into Blackwing Lair.

Note with the attunement quest.

Step Two: Upper Blackrock Spire

Back upstairs near the balcony where you first flew in, is the swirly portal that is the entrance to Blackrock Spire. That dungeon is huge, and the upper part was often ran be 10 people back in Vanilla. Fortunately, it's been tuned down a bit. It's easy to get lost, especially if you take the wrong turning and go down to Lower Blackrock Spire instead. The first bridge in the Hall of Blackhand, right after the entrance, is where you choose between Upper and Lower.

The difference between upper and lower blackrock spire.

Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire: A TL;DR Illustrated Guide.

The first room is full of dragons, some of which are in little cubby holes. At the end of the room is a locked door.

Locked door at the end of the room.

Locked? How typical…

You have to clear out all of the dragons in the little cubby holes before the door will open. And no, they don't drop anything cool. Just junk.

Some crazy warlock stuff inside the next room.

Let's see what's inside Door Number 1!

This is obviously a boss room. You gotta stand and click on the pillar thingy to summon him. Maybe standing on it is optional, I dunno.

Stand on the pillar.

Clicky, clicky!

Also, kill all the weird guys in the room and the fire boss.

See the grumpy boss guy.

Can't we all just get along??

Step Two(a): Leeeroy

The next room is the infamous Rookery. If you step on the eggs, you summon whelps. If you step on alot of eggs, you summon alot of whelps. While you're here, you may as well think about trying to pick up the Jenkins title. Or not.

Don't step on the eggs.

Leeeeroy Jenkins!!

After a large number of twists and turns (good thing there's a map if you get lost) you'll eventually find yourself in a huge arena where things pop out that try to kill you. It is actually pretty EZ mode at this point, just try not to kill them until they're inside the room or you might not be able to shake them down for the silvers that they drop.

Another huge arena

Oh noes! That guy sounds angry!!

The big boss guy you have to fight is riding a huge dragon, which I think you need to kill too. Try not to kill him too quickly as you want to be able to loot the eyepatch he drops.

Another huge orc with a dragon.

This orc is slightly larger than the other huge orcs with dragons.

Step 3: Click the question mark

Map with the last two bosses and the exit.

As you can see from the map, there is a couple of turns and one or two more bosses, and then you're done. The last boss room has the orb, the other is optional. Both are EZ Mode.

Click the question mark.

Yay, you're attuned now! And the reward text almost makes it worth all the bother.

Quest reward text.

Have fun storming the castle!
You think it'll work?
It'd take a Miracle…

Step 4: Pick the correct portal

The other good news is you don't have to hearth or go all the way through that junk to get into Blackwing Lair. Down the hallway from the arena there's a much closer swirly instance portal that will take you directly there! Even better: once you're in, going back outside the portal takes you directly to the orb room.

Take the closest portal.

Blackwing Lair, here I come!

Inside Blackwing Lair

Just inside the portal.

So you go up the empty hallway and around the corner to a nearly empty room full of eggs.

Large room with eggs.

No trash mobs? What is this, I don't even…

Also, there seems to be yet another orb on one end, with blue light on the other. Is this a boss or what?

Mini boss with a clicky orb thingy.

So, you just kill the guys on the stairs and move on?

Welcome to the weird, but kind of cool first boss. The goal here is to kill the mini-boss. Control the big boss and break all of the eggs in the room. Oh, and if the big boss dies before then, he takes everyone with him. And you can't cheat this with an iceblock or anything.

Boss dies, you die.

Wow, talk about a sore loser!

And there are a ton of extras, some of which would rather kill the boss than you. Kind of a pain to solo, but it is doable.

Step 1: Break some eggs.

The mobs come out in a stream, but whether they're interested in the big boss or you depends on how far away they are. If you have any self healing abilities, that actually helps generate aggro so they're more likely to ignore the boss. This is what you want. So break the eggs as fast as you can, and as the timer runs low, walk the big boss to the other side of the room.

Breaking some eggs.

Break the eggs and walk the boss away.

Step 2: AoE the adds and self heal (if you can).

It is tempting to just try and keep breaking eggs as fast as you can, but the best strategy is to just switch between breaking eggs and killing the adds. You don't want to damage the boss, but getting too many adds on the boss will also kill him before you get all the eggs.

The best thing to do is AoE the ones near you a bit, and then try and single target any of the adds that are more interested in the boss than you. Even putting a DoT on them will make them mad at you instead of the boss as long as the boss isn't hitting them. So the strategy is basically just break some eggs until you get too many adds on the boss or you. Then stop controlling the boss and kill the adds and heal yourself. Then its back to breaking eggs again.

Remember that the farther the boss is from you when you release him, the more time you have to handle the adds. It takes some practice, but most classes should have a way to take this fight as long as you swap regularly and focus on keeping the boss alive.


All that work keeping you alive and this is how you repay me?

The Second Room

How's that, another boss fight with no trash. There's a chance I may have a couple of bag slots open at the end!

More dragons being mind controlled.

More dragons being mind controlled. Well that sucks!

The next fight is much easier than the first one, as long as you have a DPS spec. The boss puts a debuff on you that gives you a large amount of extra damage, but can kill you.

A killer debuff.

5% of max health per second? I call haxx!

Anyways, kill the boss quickly, if you can summon pet classes, do so as they might get the debuff instead of you, and it's okay. Otherwise you might have to do a corpse run and try again. Oh, and this one doesn't have a pet, just there to be a pain.

Many Whelps

Many whelps, handle it!

Many whelps, handle it!

So after two rooms with no trash. You have two large rooms with all the trash. And they got this weird aura thing that slows you down.

Annoying slowing aura.

Annoying whelps have annoying auras.

I think back in the day, you had to have rogues run ahead and disable the traps and then the rest of the raid just AoE. Of course, the stupid whelps also put that debuff on you, so the trap is kind of pointless. You can go for style points, or just walk through at an agonizingly slow speed, then stand in the corner and kill all the whelps very slowly. Rinse and repeat for the next room.

I actually picked up a talent on my Deathknight for this specific room. Deathknights are awesome for soloing this stuff.

Third Boss (with pets)

EZ Boss, but stand with your back to the wall.

Is that a boss, with pets? Finally!

Oh, and there's the third boss. He's super EZ Mode, but make sure to stand with your back to the wall or he'll toss you into the whelps in the next room.

The Lever Room

So there's another room with trash and dragon bosses. They don't drop pets and they're skippable. After them you find a room with a lever.

Giant Lever.

ZOMG, a giant lever! I bet it's perfectly safe to pull!

Actually, you should probably be ready before pulling the giant lever. But experienced adventurers would have guessed that by now…

Giant Two-headed Dog with no hair.

Ahh! Run away!!

The good news is, the giant two-headed dog isn't likely to kill you. Just don't dawdle and try and cleanse the debuffs you get if you can. I think you get insta-killed or something if you have all four debuffs up. No biggy for most DPS classes. And it drops an awesome pet!

Last Boss

Last boss room.

This boss is strictly optional as he doesn't drop a pet. But it's pretty cool and you can get a quest turn in and an achievement the first time you kill him.

Last on his throne.

Time for a nice fireside chat while I explain my plan!

Anyways, you walk up to the throne, talk to the boss a bit about the guy's evil plan, and then tons and tons of dragons pop out of this little doorway in the corner.

Lots of dragons.

You kill them, then the boss turns into a huge dragon (he was secretly a dragon you know) and then the dragons resurrect as skeletons while the boss does different things to mess you up depending on your class. Rogues get rooted in place, druids are stuck in cat form, etc. Still not that tough to solo at this point, but kind of cool.

Rogues get stuck in place.

So I have to stand here in place while you hit me, that's so unfair!

How do I get outta here?!?

Your best bet is to just hearth or portal (if you can). There's a long walk with a bunch of stupid whelps the other way. And the other raids with pets are clear on the other side of Azeroth.

Raiding with Leashes #3:
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

The posts are slowing down a bit, partially because I've been playing other games (really looking forward to the new expansion). I may finish these “Raiding with Leashes” guides for completeness sake, but I don't think they're quite so necessary for the remaining four raids as they have fewer gimmicky fights.

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj as a whole is relatively easy to clear, but the pet bosses are somewhat tricky and may require special preparation depending on your class and spec. Also, it's way out there, which makes it kind of annoying to farm unless you've got access to Uldum, especially on Alliance side.

On the plus side, the pets are very cool, and you can farm for other achievements (titles, mounts, etc) while you're there.

The Pets

The pets, especially Anubisath Idol are pretty good. The idol used to be key for battling NPC tamers, but less so after it was nerfed. But a good pet to start off with and well worth acquiring and leveling.

Mini Mindslayer

Jewel of Maddening Whispers: 10% drop chance.
Summons a Mini Mindslayer.

Viscidus Globule

Viscidus Globule: 23% drop chance.
Summons a Viscidus Globule.

Anubisath Idol

Anubisath Idol: 11% drop chance.
Summons Anubisath Idol.

Finding the Entrance

First you have to get to Silithus. If you've cleared Uldum, you can teleport to that zone from your capital and fly directly there. If not, you can teleport to Gadgetzan, Theramore, Thunder Bluff, or Rachet; if you've got engineering, an Alliance mage, or access to a city portal or are a pirate (respectively). Then you fly for a long time. At least you don't have to ride there, like in Ye Olden Days.

Map of Silithus, with arrows

There are two raids here: AQ 40, and AQ 20. You want AQ 40.

Inside the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

Flying to the entrance.

Here we are at last

So this place has it all. Giant bugs, giant talking bugs, giants who hurl fire at you, and giant worms who can swallow a gnome in one gulp! Also a large eyeball that shoots laz0rs and shizz. Sound fun?

The First Pet Boss

First floor map

Soo difficult to find amirite??

Be warned this guy is crazy! Actually, they're all crazy, and they attract crazy cultists. But this guy also mind controls. Which means he's actually slightly more difficult if you bring friends.

Still, assuming you have friends, it's worth the risk. What's the worst that could happen? Besides accidentally polymorphing or killing one of your friends while under the vile influence of dark magic, I mean?

First boss is EZ Mode.

Watch out he mind controls… err dead already? The trash too??

Boss Drops and You!

Rep turn in people

These guys actually are tricky to find.

So in addition to having to deal with a 40 man raids worth of trash drops, and deciding whether the loot is good for transmogrifications or not, there are also tons of weird idols and stuff that drop from each boss. This is because, instead of dropping just a tier token, they thought it would be a good idea to make you grab a specific token and also farm for special mats to make your sweet loot. Pro tip: turn off auto loot.

Unless you're specifically looking to make something for transmogrification, most of it is worthless. However, if you're grinding Cenarion Circle rep for achievement purposes, you should make sure and pick up the Qiraji Lord's Insignia that drops from every boss, and turn it in to the humanoid looking guy (who's secretly a dragon) hanging out with the group of people in the temple behind the first boss.

More Bosses

Bug tunnel

Super sekrit bug tunnel is this way!

Also behind the boss is a bug tunnel filled with annoying bugs that leads to the rest of the instance. If you keep going all the way down you'll find the next (optional) boss who are just three giant bugs that are pretty easy to kill and useless except for rep.

Second floor map

So many bosses!

Again, I've mapped it out for you. The required bosses are marked in green. The optional ones marked in blue. The pet bosses (plus C'Thun) are labeled in yellow. If you just want a quick farm of the pets, just follow the green dotted road. If you want the achievement as well, kill the required bosses, the Twin Emperors, and head for C'Thun. Only go for everything if you want to grind rep for the title.

In all cases, be prepared for packs and packs of bugs following you around. Good thing you can use a mount here! Note: some of the trash packs actually drop bug mounts that you can ride.

Giant Blob Monster

Viscidus blob boss.

Meet Viscidus: A giant green blob of goo.

Viscidus is the next pet boss and it's a bit of a weird fight. You can hit it all the way down to 1 HP, but you can't kill it unless you freeze and shatter it! So you need to do frost (or shadowfrost, or whatever) damage to it to finish it off. First it will “Begin to slow,” then it will “freeze up,” and when its “frozen solid” you need to hit it with large number of melee hits until it shatters and dies.

This is much easier with a friend or two, but still possible for most (if not all) characters to solo. The first thing you need is a way to freeze it. If you're a frost damage dealer (and some abilities alike Mind Spike count) or you have a weapon with an elemental enchant, or frost oil or something, you're good to go.

If you're soloing, you also need a fast weapon and/or a trinket that does melee damage (like Barov Peasant caller, etc). I was able to do this on my mage by equipping a 1.2 speed dagger and popping Time Warp. Start stabbing when it is at low health and nearly “Frozen solid” but save your Time Warp until it's completely frozen. I believe it would be easy enough on a melee class (especially dual wield) if you have the right weapon. Other classes may need more strategy.

The good news is that the boss can be reset by running back up to the corkscrew ramp entrance. So if you've blown your Time Warp/Bloodlust/Heroism and didn't quite get it, just reset and wait for the buff to come back up.

Twin Emperors

Twin Emperors trash.

This is your brain on Twin Emperors!

So, the first thing you need to know about Twin Emperors is that all the trash around the next pet boss will attack you when you start the fight. So try and clear some of it out first. Also, for magic damage dealers, these Anubisath Defender guys get a buff to make them immune to the first attack you use against them. So use a your non-Primary school if you want to make it a little easier.

The bosses themselves can be difficult to solo depending on your class or spec. One of them is immune to all magic attacks, the other to all physical attacks. And they periodically swap places and wipe aggro during the fight. And if that wasn't enough, they also have an aura that self heals when they are near each other. Also, the melee damaging one knocks you back.

The best thing to do is make the one that your class can damage your focus and be prepared to chase it around a bit. For my mage, it is relatively easy as I just pop cooldowns and burn the physical immune boss down ASAP. There's no way it can out heal my damage at this point.

For melee damage classes, it can be tricky due to the self-healing aura thing. One of them is always in your face, and if you don't have something to distract the other, you have it following around healing it. On my Death Knight, I popped my tank spec and parked it in a corner and slowly damaged the magic immune one until it ran out of health. The only tricky part was not letting it get healed back up after a switch.

On my Druid, I think I had to kite the magic immune one around, hitting it a bit and moving it away from the magic damager before it could get healed too much. There's a few strategies out there and, again, this is easier with a friend or two.

Last Bosses


C'Thun is a weird giant eyeball god/monster thingy. It's pretty easy to solo at 90, just DPS the boss a bit and kill the tentacle things when they start to accumulate for Phase 1. At some point, the boss will “swallow” you and you go inside a room with a big pool of green goo at the bottom. What you need to do then is kill the tentacle mobs on the far side of the room then stand on the “launch pad” on that side of the room and the boss will spit you back out.

Repeat this a couple of times and the boss will pop out further and run around in circles shooting laz0rs from its eye. Avoid the giant laz0rs and the boss and just DPS until it's dead. This boss is worth doing at least once for the achievement and also gives alot of reputation. It has some pretty cool pieces for transmogging as well, but it doesn't drop any pets.


Ouro is only good for the token it drops and any transmogging stuff. The thing that makes it annoying is that it decides to hide under the ground unless someone is up there in close melee range. And it also knocks you back. To kill it in a reasonable amount of time, just make sure to stay close to it and keep your back against the sidewall when you're fighting. For casters, hitting the boss a couple of times may help. A melee pet may also help with this.

How do I get outta here?!?

Using a hearthstone or portal is your best bet. If you want to turn in the rep tokens, you have to ride clear through the entire instance to do so, which is annoying, but arguably faster than flying back and walking in the front door.

New Expansion Excitement!

So the bad news is, I've been too busy playing the new expansion to update the blog much. The good news is that you all have probably been playing too much to want to read anyways! However, it's maintenance night, and I've got so many screenshots and stories and I hope to share some of it with you. Other than the launch issues (which were brutal), this is shaping up to be the best expac since Wrath of the Lich King and I've been enjoying it very much.

New Tour Guide

Tirnëlómë your Night Elf tour guide

Meet Tirnëlómë, your night elf tour guide.
She also moonlights as a Rogue, Slip-finger, and Burglar.

Meet my (as of this week) level 100 Rogue wearing her Pilgrim's Week best. She's been hitting up the new tamers so my mage doesn't have to deal with killing a bunch of stupid mobs (stealth FTW). Of course, now I've been leveling the mage a bit, so who knows whether she'll stick around for the long haul.

Obligatory Apology

I'm almost tempted to just dump my notebook on you all and not bother with the awesome writeup until later on. In fact, I think that's what I'll do as the odds are good that you just want a little tip on what to do with the various tamers before heading back to the game.

Be warned, I've still not hit all of the tamers yet, or even all of the Elites. I've mainly been focused on leveling a Monk and a Rogue on a brand new server and trying to get at least one of them geared enough to pick up a Core Hound mount. I'll be tanking heroics this next week (god help all of you). But, being a pet obsessive, I've still picked up some of the pet content which is well done for the most part.

Tamer #1: Ashlei

Ashlei, the level 100 Draenei kid.

Yes Ashlei, I really am here to take your lunch money.
And I feel a little bad about it.

So winning this fight makes you feel kind of bad, especially compared to Bunny Girl (who was a bit of a brat). But it makes a great intro to both the new expansion, and the Awesome Elekk Pillow pet. I prefer to think she's telling the truth when she says “They're not dead, they're just resting”.

The fight is not complicated at all, just bring a strong Dragonkin damage pet, a good Mechanical damager, and anything else and win. You can even carry a level one pet as long as you swap it in when she brings out the Awesome Elekk Pilow pet.

Tamer #2: Cymre Brightblade

It was nice of Blizzard to put in an avid pet blogger as an actual tamer. Of course, being a bit of an Archeology Adventurer as well, she would be hiding out in the jungle surrounded by lots of annoying mobs. Hence, the rogue. I swear I took a picture of this fight, maybe its on another computer or eaten by a Grue, but whatever.

This fight is a bit tricky as the pets do a large amount of self healing. The first pet actually has an ability to turn your pet into an Undead (temporarily) and then hits you with critter damage. The second pet hits you with a Weather effect that doubles its health and then does a huge self heal. It also does a heavy magic attack. The last pet does a huge rocket attack every other turn, can also hit you with an Elemental, and will occasionally heal back up to full health.

If you don't care too much about keeping your pets alive, just match each pet with a good counter. Like, a rabbit or other high avoidance critter with the Undead, a Dragon with a weather changer with the Magic, and a strong elemental against the Mechanical.

Carry Strategy

I have a carry strategy that works, but it's a bit tricky. You need a Swamp Croaker (or the new Mud Jumper) with Tongue Lash, Swarm of Flies, and Bubble; a Singing Sunflower with Solar Beam, Photosynthesis, and Early Advantage, and your carry pet, which should be high enough level to take a single hit from Rot

You start with your carry pet, then you switch to your Swamp Croaker and put up Bubble. As long as that is up, the only damage you take will be from the flies. Your goal is to bring Cymre's Idol of Decay low enough that it triggers its Phoenix before you kill it. If it triggers it before its undead ability goes off, then it won't come back to life and hit you a few more (dozen) times. It's not a wipe necessarily if it does trigger, but it can be annoying. Just keep your bubble up, and don't bother with the flies until later on.

When to swap your pet out is the tricky part. You would ideally like to take the first attack of Lamp with your bubble, but you don't want to damage the pet too much and trigger its huge self heal before you're ready. If your Frog's Bubble is up, take the hit then swap, otherwise, just let it damage your Sunflower.

Swap to your Sunflower. Use Photosynthesis, then Early Advantage then Solar Beam (which hits extra hard during the weather effect). The Lamp should be very dead and you will be taking some Rocket damage from the Mechanical. Good thing it's an Elemental! Early Advantage and Solar Beam it. Don't worry about your health as the goal is to burn it more than it can self heal. You may have to do this twice if it does get a heal off, but that should get you close. Your Frog, with Bubble should be able to hold up long enough to finish off the Mechanical pet and win. If not, try again.

Tamer #3: Taralune

Taralune, the Draenei pet battle queen.

Night Elf adventurer versus the Draenei Moth Queen!
It's the fight of the century!

This tamer is very Draenei in that she's all about order, but then still manages to break things and do annoying chaotic stuff all the time. It's a mystery… Anyways, she's got three moth pets. The first, Serendipity, has a cocoon and does annoying magic attacks. The second, Grace, calls a Lightning Storm and does Flying attacks. The last, Atonement, does lots of little Flying attacks (which stacks well with the weather effect).

Some of this likely seems familiar to some of the fights in Pandaria, and what you need is a strong Mechanical with a self heal and/or avoidance, to take out the first pet, and a Dragonkin with a shield (like the Emerald Proto-drake) to take on the other pets.

If you're trying to carry a pet, the ideal Mechanical is a Rascal-bot with Phaser, Lens Flare, and Mend, but you could likely make do with another strong mechanical pet if you don't have one available. The main thing is to try and weave your hard hitting attacks around the Cocoon so they don't get avoided. If you can clear the first pet, an Emerald Proto-drake (or the like) should be able to take care of the rest. Just make sure to actually swap in your carry pet (or start off with it)!

Tamer #4: Vesharr

Birdman pet battlers are kind of scary.

Birdman pet battlers are kind of scary.
But I'm sure he's nice once you get to know him…

This tamer is pretty fly for an Arakkoa. He's even got two pets to sell you, which is very convenient. He also has some pretty tough pets to battle against. The first is a hard hitting flying pet. The second, is a Mechanical that has a buff that allows it to pretend to be a flying pet. The third is (yet another) flying pet with a tough magic attack and Consume Corpse to self heal.

The first pet pretty much always buffs itself before attacking (nice if you're wanting to carry a pet). Your best bet is a strong magic damaging pet. The second pet can pretend to be a Flying pet and does both Elemental and Mechanical damage. Generally, a strong Elemental pet will do very well. If you have one that does Magic and Elemental damage (like the Dark Phoenix) that would be ideal. Finally, you would probably do well just matching up the Emerald Proto-drake against the last pet and out lasting it.

For a carry strategy, you want to start off with the carry pet and then swap to the Dark Phoenix (with Lasers and the Elemental attacks). If the carry pet has enough health, try and let it take a couple of the buffed hits before swapping as it will help your Phoenix last longer. You'll want to hit the first pet quickly and then use your big Elemental attacks on the second one as soon as possible. Ideally you want to hit it with Conflagrate while it is not under the effects of Feathered Frenzy but any hit before it dies is a good hit (some of this is RNG related). You can use an Emerald Proto-drake or a Rascal-bot, or another strong magic damaging pet to finish the last pet(s) as your Dark Phoenix should be enough to get the second pet in reach (if it doesn't finish it) and you can clean out the third pet with Magic damage.

Menagerie Pets

I the Menagerie. I cleared out all my old favorites (which I don't use much) and then changed them all to cats (yes cats!) just to watch a million cats randomly roam around the Garrison. Then I changed my title to The Crazy Cat Lady. And it's awesome!

I haven't hit up all the visiting pet battles yet, but they seem to be at least as tricky as the Legendary pets of Pandaria. Which I guess keeps things interesting. I know I managed to clear one of them without too much difficulty, but I did take notes on Quintessence of Light as it was a challenge since it has both high damage, and high self healing.

Quintessence of Light

This won't be easy...

Quintessence of Light will take you all on!

From looking at Wowhead (after the fact) it seems a few people have done variations on the “Howl Bomb” Strategy to successfully take it down. I've tried to steer away from that as it seems like it makes things a bit boring, but boring is better than frustrating.

My take, which seems to work well with the rare quality pets I use, is a variation on the Wild Magic + Rot strategy I used against some of the tamers in the Tournament. You need:

  1. Senjin Fetish (or equivalent) with Wild Magic and Rot.
  2. Infected Squirrel with Rabid Strike and Stampede.
  3. Widget the Departed, or other hard hitting cleanup pet like the Scourged Whelpling.

You start with the Fetish. Apply Wild Magic & Rot, then swap immediately to the Squirrel. From there, apply Rabid Strike to increase its damage taken and hit Stampede. The Squirrel will last a couple of rounds since the Quintessence will self heal once and the squirrel is Undead which means it comes back to life and stuff.

At this point, you should have damaged it below half health even after heals and it will take extra damage from the third pet because of stampede. Hit it very hard(!) with a large damage hit from your third pet. Hit it a second time if it's not dead! Then feel bad about using the forces of Undead to triumph over the light. Or not as that thing is annoying…


So I don't know for sure when I'll update with the more complete and narrative driven posts I enjoy writing, but there should be something out there to help you if you're stuck on one of these pets. And if you know everything and just like reading about pets, you've still come to the right place!