Nik’s Pet Battles

WoW Pet obsession? Don’t mind if I do!

Beasts of Fable II:
The Easy Threesome

This next batch is probably the fastest and easiest to get to if you just want to knock down one of these a day. That being said, they're still Elite, so you still need a good choice of pets if you want to take them down.


Lucky Yi

Lucky Yi?

Do you feel lucky, Yi?

Lucky Yi is a fast Critter that always hits first, can heal pretty well, and often crits you. But all you need is a good Beast damage combo to beat him.

Choose Wisely

Nuts the squirrel

Say hello to my little friend!

Whadda know, it's just like the Big Friendly Caterpillar from BoF I: Bleed, Crouch, and Stampede to win.

Squirrels FTW

And if you're feeling really ambitious, bring a pet with Maul:

Maul FTW

Press '3' to Finish Him!


You have much to learn, Grasshopper!


Greyhoof is like Kafi only with better real estate. Also, without that annoying ability that makes him move faster.

The Abilities

Greyhoof - Abilities

He starts out hitting very hard, then buffs himself to hit even harder! If you have a pet that can slow him down or speed your team up, bring it to avoid the occasional stun. Otherwise, just bring your hardest hitting Mechanicals.

Choose Wisely

Darkmoon Zepplin
Darkmoon Tonk

I knew there was a reason why I let them shoot me out of a cannon several hundred times at the Darkmoon Faire. I just couldn't remember what it was!

Skitterer Xi'a

Skitterer Xi'a is probably the hardest of the three. He's got two hard hitting Critter attacks and one hard hitting Aquatic attack, but nothing too devastating and no heals.

Choose Wisely


Ideally, you'd use a Humanoid that does Flying damage to reduce the damage you take. But you can bring any three hard hitting Flyers, including one that has Flock, and you should do okay.


Much faster and a bit easier than Beasts of Fable I. You should be able to fit this into your daily schedule even if you don't feel like flying all over Pandaria to do the rest.

Beasts of Fable III:
The Tough Trio

These last three are quite a bit more difficult, but they're still not that bad if you have the right pets. If you're going to skip one group though, these might as well be them.


Just a reminder: Elite pets are Elite.



Meet No-No and Family.

No-No is a tough customer at the best of times. She doesn't have heals, she just hits very hard and the order in which she does her abilities is hard to predict.

The Abilities

No-no - abilities

Tail Slap hits very hard, Dive hits hard and lets her avoid your best attacks, and Beaver Dam tends to be used at the most inconvenient times. This makes her one slippery character.

Choose Wisely

It's obvious you're going to need some Flying pets with firepower, however, the way that she times her abilities makes it harder than usual to use Shattered Defenses to win.

Squawk and Flock

Use Squawk to slow her down and use Flock to break through her dam.

The easiest way to keep up the debuff, is to just keep using Flock with your first pet. This has the added bonus of breaking down her dam quickly so she has less chance to avoid or block the attacks of your second pet.

Use Reckless Strike to bring her down to size.

Use Reckless Strike to bring her down to size.

You need a bursty Flying pet to make the most of the Shattered Defenses debuff. After that, any good Flying attacker should be able to finish her off. Don't have a good Chicken, use a couple of Moths, you can even mix and match!


Gorespine is slightly different from the other Beast BoFs, but not all that different.

The Abilities

He has a bleed and a spiky shell, which makes it a fairly bad idea to use Call Lightning or a Swarm type ability. He also has a hard hitting Critter attack to go with his bleed.

Choose Wisely

Darkmoon Tonk

Darkmoon Tonk says: “Hai there, I got a surprise for you!”

Bring two hard hitting Mechanicals and this guy is relatively easy. If you don't know by now, see Kafi and Greyhoof for further details.

Ti'un the Wanderer

I've saved the hardest for last, and let me tell you, Ti'un the Wanderer is one tough nut to crack. He doesn't heal, which is a very good thing, but his shell shield makes him invulnerable to most small attacks.

The Abilities

Ti'un the wanderer - abilities

It's very hard to predict when he'll use his abilities. He has Shell Shield which he doesn't decide to use until later on in the fight; usually just after you've started any swarm abilities. He has Pump which he'll sometimes use early but often will save until your pet's health is low enough that it can finish it. Every other turn he just uses Tidal Wave to wipe your entire team down very slowly.

Choose Wisely

Magic Pets.

Bring magic pets to keep him from washing your team away.

All of his attacks are Aquatic, so bringing a team of magic pets is the key. They should be hard hitting pets as his shell completely absorbs DoTs, Flurry, and any other moderate to small attacks.


Legs is a very good choice for this as you take reduced damage and can hit him with Pump and Surge of Power on consecutive turns. I sometimes start with Legs just to “Prime” the pump, and drop a Whirlpool, then switch to a Fox/Wolf to Howl right as it triggers. Then quickly swap back and hit him with an attack buffed by Shattered Defenses.

If you have three hard hitting magic pets, a pet with Shattered Defenses isn't required, but it does make the fight a bit easier. In any case, don't worry to much about type of damage, just make sure it hits hard enough to get through his shell.



I hope this has given you all some ideas about how to approach these BoF quests. There are lots of different ways you can take them down depending on your stable, and you can practice your strategies on them even if you're not doing the quest, so feel free to try and find out what works best for you!

Update Time

Raiding With Leashes II

Level 2 Banker with awesome pet.

My lowly banker succeeds where my big bad DK could not. So it goes…

I finally picked up my Tito, but I had to do it the expensive way and purchased a Coilfang Stalker and Lesser Voidcaller (aka the screaming shadow meanie) for 7k and 3k. I just haven't had the time or inclination to run those two raids every week. I enjoyed the achievement quite a bit. Karazhan was especially fun since I had 5 toons that could clear it. SSC turned into a chore after the first week, though I sort of liked running TK. It was fun to figure out how to take out the different bosses on my toons, even though only my (blood) DK could clear the last bosses in either SSC or TK.

Screaming Shadow Meanie!

Screaming Shadow Meanie!

Lashtail Hatchling

Rescue me!

Rescue me!

So I haven't blogged this before, but I had attempted getting this baby about 8 months ago, first on my Frost Mage, and then on my Blood DK. I didn't have the gear + mad skillz to solo the guy before the nerf. But thanks to a tip from Tamer Liopleurodon, I found out that they made it so the boss is soloable. In fact, for many it's probably easier to solo than to duo, as the insta-death mechanic is still around for more than one player.

Cutest quest text!

Cutest quest text eva? You bet!

I went and cleared it in about 15 mins on my DK as I still knew all the tricks (protip: having an invisibility belt helps). Then I tried it on my poor frost mage and he failed miserably. I had to tangle with two of the mini-bosses before getting to the last guy, and neither of them had even looked at my Blood DK. Of course, being a clothy makes it all extra annoying.

And then I found out that popping mirror image actually turns the insta-death mechanic back on. And my poor clothy is too undergeared (and underplayed) to solo the guy without the images. Still I got my pet, even if it was on the DK, and that's the important thing!


Yes dearie, I am your mummy!

Battle Notebook

I did my 10 wins this past week, and I tracked the fights again, but haven't done a writeup for it yet. I may or may not get to it before the weekend. Those posts take much longer than you'd think if you want to do it right.

I've got another 10 or so pets to level 25. Including some I should have leveled awhile ago (like the Phoenix). I played with them some, but I've been playing with other games lately (sacrilege, I know) and haven't done as much dailies or PvE battling. I always come back for more however, especially since the new patch looks to have alot of cool stuff!

Tito + Nik = BFF

Anyone for Raiding With Leashes III ??

Taming the Newcomer

So I'm not even going to talk about the Timeless Isle this time. It'd take several posts to do it justice. If you don't know anything about it by now, then I'd suggest you round up some friends, read this page (or not), and head out there now. Come back after you've spent a few hours there if you wanna learn about the new Tamers here.

Meet the Tamer

Lil Tommy Newcomer

So how did this harmless looking kid get to the Isle of Giant Elite Things?

Lil' Tommy Newcomer is supposed to be a warmup round, I guess. Anyways he gives you some coins every day and he's very conveniently located. So I'll just give you a few tips for those that need an easy way to get 500 Timeless Coins every day.

Lil Tommy just wants to have fun.

You've only got one pet? Well don't expect me to let you win or anything…

The Abilities

Lil Oondasta

Meet Lil' Oondasta.
I'd hate to meet Big Oondasta!

In case you haven't guessed, Lil' Oondasta is a handful! He's got Spiritfire Beam which does a large amount of magic damage to all your pets, Frill Blast which does an even larger amount of magic damage to your front line pet, and swaps your highest health pet in, and Crush which hits pretty hard too. The only good news is, he's slow, so almost all of your pets should attack first.

Frill Blast hits for over 900.

Frill Blast stings!

Choose Wisely!

So a Beast that attacks with Magic damage. Did someone say Darkmoon Tonk? And indeed, what you need are two or three strong mechanicals to go in there and give this guy a beatdown. If you want it to be super EZ Mode, make sure two of them have an Ion Cannon. Then make sure and fire that cannon right before he forces your pet to swap (or kills your pet). That way by the time it's the first pet's turn again, it'll be off cooldown and ready to burn.

In summary, three heavy mechanical damage pets are FTW. Especially with Ion Cannon. If he's killing your backline pets too quickly, bring in something to block some of his attacks. But really, the best thing you can do is burn baby burn!


Best two out of three?