Nik’s Pet Battles

WoW Pet obsession? Don’t mind if I do!

Taming Pandaria #4:
Hitting the Summit

Kun-Lai Summit map

Welcome to Kun-Lai Summit!
Hope you like heights!

This next guy isn't nearly as annoying as the previous one. Although he makes up for it by being impossible to find!

Hard to get to? You weren't kidding!

Hard to get to? You weren't kidding!

In fact, if you have the right set of pets, finding the dang Tamer can be more time consuming than the fight itself.

About the Tamer

Courageous Yon

Meet Courageous Yon.
He's a Legend in his own mind. Or something.

Courageous Yon seems to be kind of a big deal. Or at least, he claims to be this legendary tamer guy. Which begs the question, if you're so awesome wouldn't you have better digs than this lousy cave in the middle of nowhere? Oh well, maybe that just means his bag of shinies will be extra shiny.

The Abilities


Meet Piqua.
The fiercest chicken in Pandaria!

Piqua is just like pretty much every other chicken you've fought before. She Squawks, she Flocks and she Lifts-Off the ground for a brief flight. Only she's got tons of stats.

Bring a pet with a shield ability (like this Emerald Proto-Whelp), and she's EZ Mode. I mean, maybe you get hit by her Lift-Off for some damage, but that's about it.


Meet Lapin.
He's the most awesome Rabbit on this mountain!

Lapin is just like every other rabbit you've fought before. While his Burrow can do some damage, if you have a shield ability, you can mitigate his other two attacks almost completely. Bring a pet with a shield that does Beast damage, like a Turtle or a Crab, and he's EZ Mode.


Meet Bleat.
He's the toughest goat
in this entire cave!

Bleat may be different from other pets you've fought before. At least as far as Tamers go.


He usually starts with Chew. This ability lets him do an extra large attack on his next turn. Then he Stampedes you which gives you the Shattered Defenses (unless you have a shield ability). Then he takes a break and heals himself with Bleat. After that he Stampedes again, sometimes doing Chew first.

If you have a pet with a shield ability you'll only take damage from his Chew attack. If your pet can heal itself, you should be able to mitigate that without any problem.

In summary, this fight is EZ Mode if you have one or two pets with a shield ability. So hunt down those Crabs, Snails, Turtles, and/or Emerald Proto-Whelps if you haven't already!

Turtle to the Rescue!

Turtle to the Rescue!

Take Two

So did you get that hint about how you need pets with shield abilities if you want to win this? Was I too subtle?

You can easily level any pet in this fight, even a Level 1 (as long as that Squawk doesn't crit). Swap your leveling pet in for your Chicken-killing pet, put up its shield and beat down that Chicken. You should likely play it safe and use any heals you have on every cooldown, but the most important thing is to keep that Shattered Defenses debuff from ever appearing, by keeping your shield up!

You can swap in your second pet to take out the Bunny and it should go just as smoothly as the Chicken. The Mountain Goat might be a little tricky as Chew still does some damage, but he doesn't always use it on every cooldown. As long as you have some self-healing, it should work.

Of course, if that's not easy enough for you, the perfect pet for this fight is: Anubisath Idol. With Sandstorm, the Humanoid Self heal, and Deterrence, he can take on all three by himself, though it takes much longer. Fortunately, Sandstorm lets you swap in any (non-Elemental) and it will still block those attacks as long as the weather ability is in effect.


Okay, you do that then!

Taming Pandaria #5:
The Waterboy

Townlong Steppes map

Water, Water, Everywhere…

So, only three Tamers left! How exciting! And once again, we have a fight where getting there is almost annoying as the pet battle itself. Though for different reasons:

Wayward patrol.

This patrol is in a very awkward location.
Also, he respawns quickly enough that you might want to dismiss any pets.

Sheep FTW!

There, that's better!

Meet the Tamer

Seeker Zusshi

That's what they all say, Seeker Zusshi!

Seeker Zusshi is certainly confident. Apparently staring at a big pool of water day-in, day-out makes you very good at pet battling. Actually, the rest of the tamers are exactly like him, though they give their own quirky reason why they're the unique snowflake that you won't ever defeat. Let's show this one we mean business!

The Abilities


Speaking of unique snowflakes, here's Diamond!

Diamond is a pretty tough Elemental. Not nearly as bad as the ones in Deepholm, but between her two Freeze abilities and her Howling Blast you can take a large amount of damage. As with most Elementals, the answer is Aquatic damage!


Meet Mollus.
Annoyance Rating: Low

Mollus is just like every other snail. Maybe he hits a little harder but the main problem with him is the self heal from his Absorb ability. Fortunately, it hits less on Aquatic pets, so an Aquatic pet that does Beast damage, like a Turtle, is your best option.

Meet Skimmer. Annoyance Rating: High

Meet Skimmer.
Annoyance Rating: High

Skimmer is what keeps this fight from being too easy. He takes a bit to ramp up, but his large damage attack, Pump takes out huge chunks of your health. And he manages to Soothe you to sleep so that you have difficulty avoiding that damage.

You would think that the best way to counter Skimmer is by using an Flying pet and burning him down. But the best option, in my opinion, is to bring in another pet with Pump, only make sure and prime your pump on the previous pet so that you're ready to bring the pain as soon as Skimmer shows up. You should be able to get at least two pumps off before he kills you, and if you have any pets at all alive at that point, Skimmer will be easy to finish off.

If you don't have an Aquatic pet that works, the next best is likely a Magic pet, as that will mitigate alot of the damage from Pump. If you don't have one of those leveled, just bring your highest DPS pet in and hope for the best.

In summary, this is a fight where it's best to fight fire with fire, or rather water with water. If you've got two good Aquatic damage pets, especially one with Pump, this isn't too difficult, otherwise you might have to work a bit to finish him.

Only two Tamers left!

Only Two Tamers Left!

Take Two

This fight can be easily done for leveling purposes, if you have the right pets. You will likely want to swap in your leveling pet to take one of the Acidic Goos off the second pet. Your first pet should be something with very strong Aquatic damage. I've had good luck with everything from a Water Waveling to Legs. A double Pump team can work very well, though crocolisks, like Chuck, are what I've been using lately.

Your second pet should be a Turtle or a Strider. The one I use most often is a Wanderer's Festival Hatchling which is harder to get than most turtles, but has a Beast attack, a Heal, and Pump. If your first pet is tough enough to take down the Elemental quickly, then the Heal is less important as you should get two Pumps off on the Strider pet and have your first level 25 take down the last 25% or so if needed.

Taming Pandaria #6:
Wasting Time!

Dread Wastes map

Welcome to the Dread Wastes!
Home of the giant bug people! Well, the other giant bug people.

Two tamers left! And this one is right next to the flight master! None of that scouring the mountains and lakes to track down some recluse with a goodie bag. How about a quick introduction:

Meet the Tamer

Wastewalker Shu

Meet the “Undefeatable” Wastewalker Shu.
You know, I don't think that word means what you think it means!

Wastewalker Shu has, allegedly, been scouring the wastes in search of the perfect pet team. Which is much more effort than the last couple of Tamers. On the other hand, most of those pets he found are found, like, right near the edge of the wastes. So maybe it wasn't as much work as he thinks it was. Except for the Elemental. That one's a pain to get as you have to defeat its current owner.

The Abilities


Meet Crusher.
He wants to crush you, but his owner
won't let him use his claws!

Crusher is a giant crab. He has a heal (Renewing Mists) a charging Aquatic attack (Surge) and a big Aquatic attack that hits after a few turns (Whirlpool). As long as you can out damage his heal, he's not that tough.

You can put a Flyer on him and try and time Lift-Off so that you don't get hit with Whirlpool or you can put a different strong DPS pet, a Magic or Dragonkin with Tail-Swipe works well.


Meet Pounder.
He's a handful!

Pounder is an Elemental with strong Elemental, Flying, and Mechanical attacks on long cooldowns. Rupture is a strong Elemental attack with a 25% chance to stun. Earthquake does Mechanical damage to all of your pets over three turns, with the front pet taking more than the back two. Sandstorm hits your front pet with Flying damage, and has an interesting weather effect:


Sandstorm lasts 9 rounds and reduces the amount all of your attacks hit for. It will completely blocks attack like Swarm. However Pounder, being an Elemental, doesn't actually get to enjoy that effect.

The obvious choice to take down Pounder is a hard-hitting Aquatic pet, like the one you used to finish off the last Tamer. If you can, you should probably let your first pet stick around for the first round instead of swapping. This is so your Aquatic doesn't get hit with a ton of Flying damage from Sandstorm. You should try and time any Avoidance abilities around the next Sandstorm though it may take some practice to get it right. If your pet also has a weather effect, that can make the fight a bit easier, but it's not strictly necessary.


Meet Mutilator.
Yet another Spiky Ball of Death!

Mutilator doesn't have any unusual abilities. He just hits like a truck against most pets. He has a Spiked Skin which reduces the damage he takes (and also combines with any lingering effects from Sandstorm). His main attack is Powerball which does Critter damage and makes him super fast. He occasionally throws in a Counterstrike which does Humanoid damage that Dragonkin need to watch out for.

A hard hitting Mechanical can make this last guy easy. A Dragonkin with Tail-Swipe works well (if you can avoid Counterstrike), as does a Humanoid that does non-Humanoid damage. Flying pets don't have their usual advantage and Undead pets should be careful. Any other strong DPS should do okay.

In summary, if you have a strong Aquatic pet that can beat up his Elemental, you've got the fight mostly finished. Matchup the other two pets and time your abilities correctly, and the fight isn't too difficult. If you have trouble, remember, the stable master is nearby.

Only one Tamer left!

Only one Tamer left!

Take Two

Depending on your stable, using this fight for leveling purposes can be more involved than you'd think. His pets do a ton of damage and you need to mitigate that enough for your two Level 25s to take out his team.

You can lead with most low level pets, as his Crab usually casts its heal on the first turn. However, your pet will take some damage from his Earthquake attack, and Beasts will take extra damage, so you may need to be at least level 10 or so.

While I'm sure there is more than one way to take out this guy, my two pets are usually a strong Aquatic DPS (like a crocolisk or a pump pet) and the good old Spawn of Onyxia with Tail-Swipe, Lift-Off and Healing Flame.

You should swap in your Dragonkin against the Crab. Your main damage will come from Tail Swipe. You want to let the first Whirlpool it casts hit and use Healing Flame to get some of your health back. You should save your Lift-Off to avoid the second Whirlpool and ideally the Crab should be dead shortly after that.

Let your Dragonkin take the (reduced) Flying damage from Sandstorm and use your Healing Flame again. Then swap in your Aquatic pet and beat up Pounder. You should most likely swap in your Spawn of Onyxia to beat his Spinny Death Ball using Healing Flame and Lift-Off to mitigate the damage from Counterstrike.

Ideally, your Dragonkin can take the last pet on its own, but if not, your Aquatic should be able to finish Mutilator. RNG can cause problems so be prepared to repeat this fight occasionally.

Taming Pandaria #7:
Showdown at the Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Valley of Eternal Blossoms map

Time for the Final Showdown!

This last Tamer is tough, but gimmick-free. It can be fun to try and peel back the fight and find out on your own what works for you. Here's what I've come up with, but there's more than one way to handle this fight!

Meet the Tamer

Aki the Chosen

Meet Aki the Chosen.
She's got the cool pets and a sweet umbrella!
No wonder they call her, “The Chosen.”

Aki the Chosen is, apparently, guardian of the Giant Pond of the Emperor. She's also keeper of the Ultimate Bag of Shinies, and defeating her unlocks the daily quests. The good news is, you don't have to take over her job guarding the pond. The bad news is, even if you win, you still have to find your own Sweet Umbrella.

The Abilities


Meet Chirrup.
The Grasshopper of Doom!

Chirrup has two very strong heals and one attack: Swarm. In case you haven't figured it out, you need a pet with a shield ability to take him down. It also should also hit hard enough to out damage his heals.

An Aquatic pet with a Beast ability, like a Crab or Turtle, is ideal, though other pets will work. One time, just for kicks, I brought a Level 14 Crab with Sandstorm up from another pet, and it was actually able to kill Chirrup. It took forever though.


Meet Stormlash.
She's a lightning fast killer!

Stormlash is a Dragonkin, which you haven't seen in a long time. She also has one ability, Call Lightning which I hadn't seen before the first time I fought her. Call Lightning hits your pet with a large amount of Mechanical damage and then add extra Mechanical damage to each attack you do.

If she is slower than your pet, this makes her (already strong) Tail Sweep hit extra hard. It also makes her very vulnerable to Swarm attacks. A pet with a shield ability or a weather effect can completely mitigate her Call Lightning ability as well. It's your call how you want to take her on, but avoid using Magic, Beast or Flyer pets.


Meet Whiskers.
He's hard to kill.

Whiskers is there to keep you from winning the fight by just ganging up on the first two pets. You need a third pet that matches up well to finish him. Whiskers also has the nasty habit of stringing together Survival with Dive and turning a close win into a close loss.

A Flyer works well (obviously), though a "tanky" pet with a heal can also wear down Whiskers. Again, it's your call, but don't think the fight is won just because you managed to finish off the big scary Dragon.

In summary, you need a blocking pet if you want to win. There are many different ways of taking down the Dragonkin, and that's the hardest part of the fight, but you still need a good pet left over if you want to finish of Whiskers.


Congratulations, you just finished Taming Pandaria!
Wanna go again?

Take Two

This fight can be used for leveling fairly easily. You can even start with a Level 2 or so as long as it isn't accidentally killed by the first pet's Swarm.

There are a few different approaches for this fight. You can start with an Anubisath Idol. Just pick Crush, Sandstorm and Deflection and you can slowly wear down the first two pets by yourself. This can take a large amount of time due to the higher miss rate for Crush but is a perfectly good strategy.

If you don't have that pet (yet), you can still break it down using a Crab or Turtle with a Beast attack, a shield, and a heal to finish off her Critter and Aquatic pets. That leaves you with a few options for the Dragonkin. You can use a swarming Undead (like the Infected Squirrel) and that should be able to solo the Dragonkin even if it dies by the end of it.

The method I've preferred lately, as it is reasonably fast with low RNG effects is to open with an Emperor Crab with Claw, Shell Shield, and Renewing Mists. Once you get the timing down, you can open with your leveling pet and still end up with 100% health and your shield up when you face the dragon. The shield cancels out the Lightning and Tail Swipe completely while still buffing your big hits on the Dragon. Just focus on keeping your shield up and burning him down as you won't have enough health left to worry about keeping your healing mists up.

Use a moth with Cocoon and Moth Balls and the Aquatic pet should be EZ Mode.

Congrats on Taming Pandaria!
(even if you've done so a long time ago)

Pandaren Spirit Tamer #1:

Pandaren Earth Spirit map

Eh, who needs a map anyways?
It's sort of on a shelf between the Horde shrine and the Palace.
Yeah, right there!

The first Spirit Tamer may be conveniently located, but it's not the easiest to start off with. It took me awhile to unravel this fight, but once you understand how it works, it's not so bad.

Meet the Tamer

Thundering Earth Spirit tamer

Thundering Earth Spirit?
You guys all look the same to me…

Again with the research! Only instead of Mad Scientist Laboratory, I'm going with Alien Invasion? Still these guys look pretty cool, as does the pet they give you. This one is probably the most boring of the four, but it's still not bad!

Pandaren Earth Spirit pet

Meet Pandaren Earth Spirit.
Watch out, he stuns!

Pandaren Earth Spirit is usually the opening pet. And he's very annoying. First he stuns you with Crystal Prison, then his next attack (Rupture) hits very hard and has a chance to stun. Finally, he just lobs rocks at you until his other attacks are off cooldown. Before the last patch, he actually had a chance of stunning your pet twice in a row. So annoying.

The counter to both the stun and the massive amounts of Elemental damage he does, is to use a Critter. One that does Aquatic damage (which would be a Snail) is very good, arguably the best option as its Absorb will let you have a fair amount of health at the end of it. If you haven't leveled a snail yet, you can do well with a Critter that has a speed > 300 or some kind of speed up ability. This keeps you from losing even one turn to the stun.

I originally started out with a speed breed Brown Marmot with Burrow and Crouch. You can also get by with a Rabbit or a Prairie Dog type that has a slower speed and Adrenaline Rush. It can even be an advantage if you time your Burrow so that your speed buff wears off while you are underground as the Elemental will miss both attacks.

Another pet I had great success with was an Armadillo Pup with Thrash, Roar and (especially) Powerball. The speed increase + the speed improved attack allowed me to dispatch the first pet and get in a few good hits on his second pet, which made things much easier.


Meet Sludgy.
He's a bit of a pain.

Sludgy is a Critter Magic pet that does Magic and Aquatic damage (Sludgy was a critter until a patch ago).

Sludgy starts out with Expunge which hits like a truck, but has a moderate chance to miss. If you're using anything other than the Snail as your first pet, this often kills it. Way to take one for the team little guy!

The best counter for this is a Mechanical Pet. A Mechanical Squirrel with Thrash, Overtune and Wind-Up is my usual choice. While you can do well with the other Mechanical pets, like Fluxfire Feline, or a Mechanical Dragonling. However, having a Wind-Up in your pocket to open with on the next pet makes the fight quite a bit easier.

Darnak the Tunneler

Meet Darnak the Tunneler.
Gimmick Rating: High +

Darnak the Tunneler or as I prefer to think of him, Gimmick the Wonderpet is a Beast pet that does Elemental damage. So that means he hits for a ton, and hits extra hard below 50% health. He'll beat up Mechanical pets with his Elemental attacks, and he also does enough Beast damage with Burrow that you have to be careful using a Critter pet.

A Mechanical pet on a suicide mission can finish him off, but you need to make sure and have another pet left over or else the fight ends as a “draw” which really means you lose. That's where having your previous pet get a few good hits in can make all the difference.

You can also use a Critter as long as you make sure and time any avoidance abilities, like Dodge or Crouch, to avoid his Burrow so that it doesn't kill you. His Stone Skin also makes it bad to use small attacks like Flurry or Swarm, so you're stuck with mostly basic Critter attacks.

The only good news is his Stone Rush does a fair amount of damage to himself, so you can get by just outlasting him with a “Tanky” pet like a Crab or a Spawn of Onyxia as long as you have avoidance abilities and time them right.

In summary, this guy has three annoying pets that have an unusual mix of abilities. You need to have an answer for each pet if you want to win. Even the right strategy can sometimes get derailed by RNG. The fight is doable, but you need to come prepared!


Well, that wasn't so bad. Was it?
Okay maybe it was.

Take Two

I bet you thought I wouldn't do one of these! Well it really is possible to do this for leveling purposes without too much frustration. I wouldn't recommend bringing a leveling pet in the single digits, as it needs to take at least one good hit, but Level 10 and up is okay.

First, you will need any of the three Critter pets to make this work. I'm sure someone with Uber-Leet skillz could break out a special pet and do this, but they're teh awesome-sauce already and aren't likely to be reading this!

Second, you likely need a leveled up Mechanical Squirrel. I haven't tried it with a Fluxfire or one of those others, so it might work for you, but the combination of Overtune and Wind-Up work very well in finishing off the last two pets.

You can open with your leveling pet, as the stun does zero damage, but your go-to pet needs to be your Critter. If it's a Snail, use out your Acidic Goo and then Dive. If your Dive hits, the Elemental will have just lost ~40% of its health. Suddenly, things seem like EZ-mode! If it doesn't hit, just keep going with your normal rotation as your Absorb should keep you in the fight long enough to get another Dive going.

If you're using an Armadillo, you likely want to Powerball twice so that you're faster than both the first and second pets, then break out your Roar and Thrash the Elemental to death. Depending on RNG, your pet may have very low health, but it should get the first Thrash off on the second pet before it gets killed. Also, you're likely going to want to put your leveling pet in their later as the key to this strategy is to burn the elemental down as fast as you can.

The strategy for a Marmot or Prairie Dog is similar to the Armadillo. Depending on whether you decide to use Crouch or not, you may have more health or less, but you're not likely to get even one hit on the second pet unless its Expunge misses. Don't worry about it as your Squirrel can take that pet.

Mechanical Squirrel

Your Squirrel is Uber-Leet!

Here's where things get interesting, because you need to decide exactly when to swap in your leveling pet. If your pet can survive Creeping Ooze, you can go ahead and swap it right in after your Critter pet. Otherwise, you'll want to open with it on the first pet as the opening stun will do zero damage.

In any case, it's time for your Mechanical Squirrel to do its thing! You want to start with Wind-Up then you'll go with Overtune. After that, you should use Bash and kill that weird Critter Magic pet!

With this approach, it's important to try and have enough health left that you get two wind-ups on the last pet. So try and kill hit the weird ooze pet as hard as you can, even if you let your Overtune drop.

Open with a Wind-up on that third pet. You should then immediately charge your Wind-Up again. Gimmick the Wonderpet will burrow at the same time. At this point, being slower than the beast will work to your advantage because, when it comes back up, you'll have a Wind-Up to the face to greet it! Sure the Burrow may kill your pet first, but that's what the Mechanical Fail-Safe is for!


Gimmick will likely hit you in the face with a ton of Elemental damage on its next attack, but its health will be so low that it kills itself in the process! Screenshot your level 10 pet standing over three dead “Legendary” pets and collect your goodie bag!

Frosty wins!

Go Frosty! It's yer birthday! Go Frosty!

Pandaren Spirit Tamer #2:

Burning Spirit tamer map

These Spirit Tamers know all of the scenic, out-of-the-way locations!

The next Spirit Tamer is a bit easier than the previous one, but still a little tough. There is definitely more than one way to do this fight that works, I'm just showing you what I tend to use. It may take a few attempts if you want to try something new. On the bright side, you get a much better view than before while you're figuring out the best way to take this guy down!

Meet the Tamer

Burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer

Burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer is oranger, and slightly more on fire than other Spirit Tamers.

I don't know what to say here. Burning Spirit Tamer is on fire? And it looks like it's got a cat's head. Maybe? They seem to have no personality. It's like an invasion of Vulcans, if Vulcans were 10 feet tall, on fire, and loved to play WoW-Pokemon!

The Abilities


Meet Crimson.
For being all pyro, Crimson sure does alot of Flying damage.

Depending on what you start out with, you're likely to get Crimson to begin with. Crimson's first move is Cyclone which is designed to cut down any Aquatic pets you may be hiding back there. He then flies into the air with Take-Off which does more Flying damage. Then he hits you with Breath, which is a normal Dragonkin attack, until Cyclone is off of cooldown and he starts all over.

tidal wave FTW

Begone, annoying Cyclone!

What you use, depends on your stable. It's a very good idea, if you can, to open with a pet that has Tidal Wave (or its Elemental equivalent) as this can get rid of Cyclone immediately. You can then swap to a Humanoid pet that has Deterrence. This should allow your Humanoid to completely avoid getting hit by Lift-Off.

The ideal pet for this is Anubisath Idol as you can also pop Sandstorm and keep your back line from taking additional damage from Cyclone should Crimson use it again. I've also done well with Flayer Youngling. I'm sure other hard hitting Humanoids can also do well, even if they don't have Deterrence.

Pandaren Fire Spirit pet

Meet Pandaren Fire Spirit.
It's hot stuff!

Pandaren Fire Spirit is pretty much Fel Flame with a huge heal. Or I guess Lava Crab with Immolate. It has a large amount of burst damage from the Immolate + Conflagrate combo it does and can also uses Healing Flame after to cancel out a big hit.

If your first pet has Deterrence you should leave it in there for a bit. After the first Immolate, the Elemental always does Conflagrate and you can use Deterrence to cancel that out.

You should then bring in your Aquatic damage pet to burn through the Elemental. If you find that you're taking too much damage from Cyclone you can use Water Waveling or a Snail pet as an alternative to an Aquatic pet. However, you will need at least one pet with a shield ability (or Sandstorm) to take out the last pet and a Crab or Turtle work very well at that. It kind of depends on how quickly you can kill that Dragonkin and what you have levelled.


Meet Glowy.
Annoyance Rating: Low

Glowy is EZ Mode if you have a pet with a blocking ability. Its abilities do almost no damage and if your pet has a self-heal you can actually finish with almost full health.

Oh hai there! Have you met my uber-leet crab yet?

Oh hai there! Have you met my uber-leet Crab yet?

In summary, you need a Humanoid, an Aquatic damage pet, and a pet with a Blocking ability to take this fight down. Look through your stable and figure out what you have that works and you'll have the fight beat.


Another one bites the dust!

Take Two

You can use this for leveling without really adding much difficulty. It mostly depends on your stable. Just remember that your leveling pet should have enough health to last through up to two Cyclones.

I tend to open with my leveling pet. You then swap to your Dragonkin killer just like I mentioned earlier. I can't tell you how much easier this is if you have Anubisath Idol. It's super-easy mode since Sandstorm will keep your back pets from dying as well as allow you to take on the Flying pet without any trouble. But other humanoid pets work well too. I've been using a Living Sandling lately. The pet has a much lower survival rate, but higher accuracy and does enough damage that it finishes off the Dragon before it can lay down a second Cyclone.

The main thing is to kill the Dragonkin as quick as you can so you don't have the Cyclone killing your back line. After that it's easy as long as you have a good Aquatic damage pet to take on the Elemental. A crab pet with Surge is ideal for the last two pets as it can kill the Elemental quickly and use its self heal + block to avoid all damage from the last pet.

Pandaren Spirit Tamer #3:

Flowing Spirit Tamer map

Instead of a cliff in the middle of nowhere,
we get to visit a cliff right on the edge of nowhere!

Actually, it's kind of a nice place to visit. You got lots of water, and the ocean, and some more water, and a few rocks to look at. Not sure I'd want to live there though.

Meet the Tamer

Flowing Pandaren Spirit Tamer

Why so blue, Flowing Pandaren Spirit Tamer?

So yeah, this guy is a big blue mystery, wrapped in an enigma. Why does he hang out on this cliff giving big bags of goodies to people? Does anyone else get thirsty looking at this big walking, talking water feature? At least he occasionally drops a cool pet!

The Abilities


Meet Marley.
Everyone's favorite giant goldfish… of DEATH!

Marley has three big Aquatic damage abilities. He opens with Whirlpool which hits your pet after 3 turns with a snare and a fairly large amount of Aquatic damage. Then he Dives below your pet and hits it with another large Aquatic hit. Finally, he pumps and shoots a huge amount of Aquatic damage right after his Whirlpool goes off.

This can quickly kill most pets. While it's often best to pick a Flying damage pet and burn down Aquatic pets, in this case you're much better off with a Magic pet. Preferably one with an avoidance ability or else a heavy hitter. Some good options include: Nordrassil Wisp (or any of the Lanterns), Enchanted Broom, or Arcane Eye. While I'm sure you can pick a Flying pet that will work, especially one with Lift-Off or a moth with Cocoon, there's a relatively small window where you can hit the pet without avoidance, and a little bad RNG can sink you.


Meet Tiptoe.
He's a little odd.

Yet another “experimental” pet, Tiptoe is a Critter Aquatic pet (as of the last patch). He doesn't have alot of heavy damage, just the usual Heal + Water attacks. Tiptoe does have Tidal Wave and he uses it often enough that you generally can't get away with casting Cyclone or other attacks that can be swept away.

Your best bet is a pet with strong Flying damage. Tiptoe doesn't have any avoidance abilities so other hard hitting pets work well, especially one of the Oozes. Avoid Elementals as you should with any Aquatic damaging pet.

Pandaren Water Spirit pet

Pandaren Water Spirit:
Hits like a Boss!

This Elemental pet drops both a Whirlpool and a Geyser and they're timed to go off at the end of the same turn. Use either a strong Magic damage pet, or a pet with very good avoidance otherwise you won't be able to survive. This pet uses Tidal Wave too so watch out if you have any low health pets in the back row, especially Elementals.

In summary, a mix of Magic pets with healing or absorb abilities and pets with good avoidance is important to winning this battle. The burst damage these pets do make it very difficult to try and just burn them down with Flying damage. But if you have the right pets and use their abilities to counter that burst, it's not very difficult.


Fear the Gnome!

Take Two

This fight can be very easy to do for leveling purposes as long as your pet can survive 5-7 hits with Tidal Wave, and most pets 10+ can. My usual choices are a Festival Lantern or similar pet with Flash and Blind, and a Moth with Cocoon, Slicing Winds, and Moth Ball.

I usually open with my leveling pet, as the Tamer's Aquatic pet does no damage its first turn. Moth and trigger Cocoon so that your pet is protected as it comes out of Dive. I then alternate with Moth Balls and Slicing Wind until it's dead.

The moth is usually in really good shape to take on the next Aquatic pet, so I just keep up my rotation and most of the time I can save the Lantern pet for last. I save the Flash attack until the Elemental's Whirlpool and Geyser are both about to trigger as the blind nearly always causes one of those two attacks to miss. I can then use my normal rotation to take out large chunks of the Elemental's health until it's dead.

Blind FTW

Blinding You with Science!

As with most of these strategies, there is more than one way to win, and an Ooze + Lantern, or a Flying heavy team have a good chance to win as well. Avoidance + Flying damage is the key. Collect your shinies, take in the scenery a bit, and enjoy the extra fast leveling!