Nik’s Pet Battles

WoW Pet obsession? Don’t mind if I do!

Taming Cataclysm #1:
It's Nordrassil Time!

Mount Hyjal map

Welcome to Mount Hyjal:
The Happiest Place in Azeroth!

So if you're keeping track, there are only four more tamers left, and then you can take on the pros in Pandaria. Kind of exciting, eh? Did I just say 'eh'? Really?? Whateva!

It's safe to say that Blizzard has taken off the training wheels and is making you work, at least a little bit, for each of your victories from here on out. I hope you picked up some good pets in Northrend, because you're gonna need them!

Meet the Tamer


Meet Brok. He's here doing “research.” Whatever.

So again we've got the Tamers trying to pass off what they're doing as “research”. It's like a special super-sekret tamer club! And no, I'm not cool enough to join.

Instead of the usual Mad Scientist-type, we've got a nature loving Tauren named Brok who's decided the best way to help the troubled wildlife is to capture them and make them battle each other to the death. It still sounds like the plot to some Sci-Fi B Movie if you ask me. And I don't even want to know what else he's got planned for the Double Feature.

The Abilities


Meet Kali.
A cute little Nightwisp… of DEATH!

Kali is a cute little Nightwisp with some tough abilities if you're not prepared for them. First Kali will Flash at you which does a small amount of damage and then Blinds you.


Then she shines a Light in your eye which hits for a large amount of damage and will do double damage if you are Blinded. Then for three turns she does Arcane Explosion which will damage all of your team for a small amount. This is all Magic damage.

Obviously, avoid using Flying pets and pets that do Aquatic damage. She's not that tough as long as you have a Mechanical pet, a pet that does Dragonkin damage, or a pet that can consistently avoid her Flash attack by either blocking it or using something like Deflection to dodge it. Just remember, the faster you kill her, the less damage the rest of your team takes.


Meet Ashtail.
He'd gnaw your face off if he were just a wee bit bigger!

Ashtail is a pretty standard Beast, but his main attack, Quick Attack does critter damage. This ability allows him to ignore speed differences and attack you first. So avoid Flurry and other similar abilities. He generally saves Comeback for when his health is low, as it does extra damage then, and he weaves Triple Snap in there occasionally.

A Mechanical is good against him, obviously. A Flying pet will lose the speed advantage and the damage reduction it usually gets, though a Humanoid that does non-Humanoid attacks (like a Flayer Youngling) would do okay. Avoid using Critter and Undead pets against Ashtail.


Meet Incinderous.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate

Incinderous is pretty tough for a tiny little beetle. He has the standard Critter attacks, Swarm and Scratch, and he also triggers Survival which you've undoubtedly seen before.

Mainly though, he just has a really big health pool and can wear you down if you're not careful. Avoid using Undead or Elemental pets on him, and stick a Beast on him if you can, and you should be fine.

In summary, this is no Major Payne. As long as you come prepared you should be okay. Also, it's right next to the portal and a Stable Master, which you'll come to appreciate if you start doing this as a daily.


Okay fine, here are some more Pet Bandages…

Take Two

I'd like to think this was unnecessary, but the amount of health these pets have makes all these fights non-trivial if you want to use them for leveling. You can use a low level pet on this fight, though you have to kill the Nightwisp eventually or it'll take too much damage and die. You can even lead with your leveling pet, and avoid one Blind + Flash cycle, though that might throw off your rotation depending on which pet you use.

My first thought was to just stick a Mechanical on Kali and power through the (greatly reduced) damage. This works great with a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling but less good with other Mechanicals. What worked best for me was to stick a Flayer Youngling on it and time its Deflection ability to avoid Flash. I had hoped that this would be the one time its Focus ability was useful, but you still get the Blinded debuff and take the extra damage.

The last two pets do a pretty strong amount of damage as well. I used a Mechanical Squirrel with Thrash and Windup and tore through the last two pets. Any pet that does decent Beast or Mechanical damage (or both) should be able to finish those last two.

I'm sure there are multiple ways to do this with two pets. Just remember that it's best to avoid the Flash if you can. Also, remember to swap your leveling pet in there at some point!

Taming Cataclysm #2:
Into Deepholm

Deepholm Map

Here be rocks and stuff!
And again, the tamer is right next to the portal for maximum convenience!

So Deepholm isn't all that bad. Once you get used to the rocks and stuff you'll find alot of interesting pets. And everything is set up right near the exit so it's perfect for farming. But trust me on this, don't even try and catch a rare Stowaway Rat. Sure, you can pick up a rat as a secondary with almost every fight, but you'll never find a rare one.

I gave up when, after hours of farming, I saw this:

Stowaway Rat Wins the internets.

Well played Stowaway Rat. Well played…

Meet the Tamer

Meet Bordin Steadyfist. He's just this guy, you know?

Meet Bordin Steadyfist.
He's just this guy, you know?

What do we know about Bordin Steadyfist? Well he's this dwarf that likes to collect rocks. And battle with them. I guess that's what you do when you're stuck in this realm of walking, talking, and very patient, giant rock things. He's a bit tougher than the last guy, but not much.

The Abilities


Meet Ruby.
Ruby wants to hit everything! Even herself!

Ruby hits like a truck. Then she gets abilities that let her hit even harder. But she's a bit emo and will /hurt herself first.

Crystal Overload

Crystal Overload?
Is that like an emo band for stone elementals or something?

Her first ability is Crystal Overload which makes the next attack do double damage, but also do some damage to herself. Then she uses Stone Rush which does a ton of Elemental damage but also damages herself. By then, there's a decent chance you're dead, but if not, she might do some more Elemental damage with Spark which hits a few times (extra if she attacks first). Then she'll likely start the Crystal Overload + Stone Rush cycle again.

While the first choice that comes to mind when fighting an Elemental is to break out the Aquatic pet, you're not gonna be able to heal through her attacks here. You might be able to out damage Ruby, but your best choice is to break out a Critter pet with damage reduction/avoidance abilities.

My pet of choice is a Rare speed-breed, Brown Marmot that I caught before I had even heard about breeds. All I knew was it was faster than anything else and kicked some major tail. With Crouch and Burrow it can handle the first two pets almost by itself.


Meet Crystallus.
Are Crystal Beetles really a sign
of the Apocalypse? Apparently so!

Crystallus is much less annoying than the other two pets. Other than that whole summoning the Apocalypse thing.

Summoning the Apocalypse

Summoning the Apocalypse? Is that a thing now??

Just like the one that was supposed to hit in 2012, or 2000, or whatever, you can safely ignore the Apocalypse he summons here. There's like a 5% chance of being killed by it even if the fight does last that long. If you actually get killed by it and lose, then RNG just has it in for you. The other abilities he has are slightly more annoying, but throw any good Beast damaging pet at him and he'll fold pretty fast.


Meet Fracture. He'll BREAK you.
Like Schwarzeneggar in that one movie!
Or that other movie! Any movie really!!

Fracture is meant to throw in a curve ball, since he does Magic (with Feedback) and strong Dragonkin damage. But he's really not that different from any other Elemental. Just throw in a high damage Aquatic pet, or any non-Flying pet with a good damage avoidance ability. Time your avoidance around his Elementium Bolt so you miss out on the huge damage + stun, and you're good.

In summary, this fight is more of a test to make sure you have a deep enough pet stable. If you have the "right" pets and use their abilities in the right place, it's not too tough. Otherwise, it'll be tough to pull out a win.


Don't worry, you can't throw a rock around here
without hitting, well, another flaming rock.

Take Two

This fight can be tricky to use for leveling purposes if you don't have the right pets, but it's still very doable. You can lead with your leveling pet, as the tamer usually starts with a self-buff, or you can try and weave it in later. Your first level 25 pet should have strong avoidance abilities. A critter, especially marmot or prairie dog type is perfect. A snail is also excellent. I'm sure there are other pet types you can try, but that's what works best for me.

Your second level 25 pet should do strong damage against Elementals without being weak to Critter attacks. If it has a good avoidance ability that can also help. Turtles, another fast Critter pet, like an Armadillo or Marmot, are good. A Mechanical Squirrel, or other Mechanical with a Beast attack, would even work well. Fortunately, the stable master is close enough, that if you need to use some trial and error to figure this out, you can.

Taming Cataclysm #3:
Twilight Madness

Twilight Highlands Map

Twilight Highlands? More like Twilight big ugly Crater-lands!

So yeah, this next guy is fun. And by fun, I mean completely unhinged and carrying around a pack of pets that are equally weird. At least the Stable Master is close on Alliance side.

Meet the Tamer

Banefury grumps, alot.

Whatever Dude, do you wanna play some WoW Pokemon or not?

Goz Banefury really likes the Twilight Hammer. He seems to also be a huge fan of world ending catastrophes. And he likes giant craters filled with evil monsters and stuff. I bet he's a blast at parties…

Also, Banefury seems to think he's some kind of god. Let's put that to the test!

The Abilities


Meet Twilight.
She's totally chargin' her Laz0rs and stuff.

Twilight is an Elemental with some weird abilities. Her main attack is a Magic ability called Laser which does a fair bit of damage and “never” misses. She also has an Elemental attack called Darkflame which hits pretty hard, is on a moderate cooldown, and gives you a debuff that reduces your healing by 50% for two turns. You want to try and mitigate this if you can.

Dark Rebirth

She gets knocked down, but she gets up again!
You're neva gonna keep her down!

Her last ability is called Dark Rebirth and you really need to pay attention to that. Basically, if that ability is up and you kill her, she comes back to life with full health which she burns through over a few turns. To keep from triggering that, don't damage her when her health is low until the ability has been used up.

Avoid using Flying pets against Twilight. If you have a mechanical pet that doesn't do Mechanical damage (like a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling) you can do pretty well as long as you time you avoidance abilities around Darkflame. A pet with good heals and avoidance, like a Spawn of Onyxia, or a snail pet can also do well.


Meet Amythel.
He's just weird.

Amythel is another weirdo. He's a Magic pet whose main attack is an Undead ability called Creepy Chomp. He also has an attack called Creeping Ooze which does damage over time and increases the damage your pet takes by 25%.

Adrenal glands

His last ability, Adrenal Glands, increases his critical strike by 50%, but also reduces his chance to hit by 25%. So it varies alot how much this helps him. It does give you an extra turn to attack though while he is applying the buff.

Your best bet with this guy is any pet that does even moderate Dragonkin damage. It's much easier to burn him down than tank him as he doesn't have any avoidance abilities. Also, it's probably not a good idea to use Humanoids on him.


Meet Helios.
He's a giant spider.
Wow, I've never seen that before!

Helios is a typical spider pet. He has Brittle Webbing instead of Sticky Webbing so you can swap your pet if you need to. Mechanical or Flying pets are best. Avoid using Humanoids, Critter pets, and pets with swarm or flurry attacks.

In summary, this fight really revolves around how well you do against the Elemental. If you can get through that with most of your team still up, and don't trigger the Dark Rebirth you should be in good shape to finish.


Best two out of three?

Take Two

This fight is relatively easy to use for leveling, if you have the right Mechanical to take out the first pet. Ideally, a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling with Decoy, Dragon Breath, and Explode. Other pets will also work, but it may take some testing to find out what works for you.

The second pet can be a Flying pet with Cocoon or Lift-Off or a Dragonkin with some heal or avoidance abilities. Your leveling pet should probably be swapped in later, rather than opening with it, so it doesn't get hit with an opening Darkflame and killed.

Try and time your first pet's avoidance around Darkflame. Burn Twilight down to one hit and then wait to finish until Rebirth is triggered or you have a killing blow (if your pet is faster). If you're using the Dragonkin, burn down his Magic pet next. Otherwise, you might swap for your second pet and save your first pet's abilities to finish the spider.

It's really up to you. The hardest part of this is getting through that first pet with a decent amount of health left. After that, it's relatively easy.

Heh, puny god!

Heh, puny god!

Taming Cataclysm #4:
Uldum Showdown!

Uldum Map

Uldum: Now this is what I call a nice vacation spot!

One last Tamer and then you're finished Taming Cataclysm. This is the only one of them that doesn't have a portal straight back to your capitol city. But who wants to go back? It's nice here in Uldum!

The fight itself is the most straightforward of all of them, but it's still tough simply because all three pets are stronger, faster, and have more hit points than yours will.

Meet the Tamer

Tamer Obalis

Obalis is waiting for you!

Obalis is a giant cat statute thing who was apparently left by the Titans to test the abilities of any would be Grand Master Tamers. Or something like that. The guy seems kind of confused to be honest. He might have just showed up a few months ago and only thinks he's been around for eons. At least he gives a bag of goodies to anyone who beats him. Who cares about the backstory, just give me the shinies!

The Abilities


Meet Pyth.
Big, Scary, Snake.
Need I say more?

Pyth is a typical snake, but he's pretty dang tough. He has three of the usual attacks: Vicious Fang, which hits harder each time he uses it, Counterstrike which does Humanoid damage with extra damage if he attacks last, and Poison Fang which poisons your pet slowly over five turns. Keep Critters far away from Pyth.

If you want to try and wear him down one-on-one, you're going to need a tough and fast Mechanical or a higher DPS non-Mechanical. A dragonkin with a tail swipe (like Spawn of Onyxia) can do well as long as it is slower than Pyth and has a way to heal or avoid the occasional Counterstrike. If all else fails, there's always the good ol' Darkmoon Tonk!

Meet Spring. Annoyance Rating: High

Meet Spring.
Annoyance Rating: High

Spring is the anchor of this team, mainly because her high speed and avoidance abilities make it hard to actually hurt her. Her opening move is usually Moth Dust which has a 25% chance to put your pet to sleep, and it seems to happen more often than that. She then generally follows with Cocoon Strike which will block 1-2 hits completely. Finally, she attacks with the normal Flying attack, Slicing Wind, until her first two attacks come off cooldown and the whole thing starts over. Keep Aquatic pets away from her, obviously.

Ideally, what you need to take her down is a Dragonkin that does magic damage, like a Nether Faerie Dragon, an Emerald Proto-Whelp, etc. A normal Magic pet, even an Ooze, will work well. You could probably get by with a high DPS pet as long as it does non-Beast damage. Time any strong attacks around her Cocoon Strike and try and avoid getting hit by Moth Dust if you can help it.


Meet Clatter.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Clatter isn't that tough, but he's got enough health and damage that you still need to have a good pet up if you want to finish. Clatter starts out with Apocalypse which you can mostly ignore. He then goes into Swarm for three turns which does some damage and also gives you the Shattered Defenses debuff. After that, his Flank attack will hit for a ton and will hit even more if he is faster than your pet.

Try to finish him off quickly and time any avoidance abilities to kick in after Swarm so that his Flank doesn't kill your pet. A beast pet with a speed reducing ability, like a snake, is ideal. A pet with a shield ability is also a good choice. Any strong pet with a way to mitigate the Shattered Defenses debuff is what you need here.

In summary, if you have the right matchups, you can get through the fight without too much trouble. Bad RNG can still sink you but if you pay attention to your abilities, it's not that tough.

Congratulations! You've just finished Taming Cataclysm!!

Congratulations! You've just finished Taming Cataclysm!!

Take Two

This pet battle can be a bit tricky to use for leveling purposes mainly because the pets all have huge stat bonuses, and none of them have any easy weaknesses you can exploit. Also, you need to be careful opening with your leveling pet as the Poison fang may kill your pet, and the moth dust ability can one-shot lower level pets.

I've done well opening with a Darkmoon Tonk, though the Tamer will often pick the Moth first instead of the Snake. But that's still okay as you can drop mines and swap to your Moth killing pet (which is a Dragonkin that does Magic damage). You can then bring your Tonk back to mine and finish off the Beast and your Dragonkin can (hopefully) kill the Beetle.

I've also been able to handle it with a Spawn of Onyxia instead of the Tonk as the huge heal and Lift-Off abilities let it mitigate much of the damage thrown at it. I'm sure there are other combinations you can use, depending on your pet stable, but you'll likely need a Dragonkin that does Magic or Beast damage in order to have an advantage against the last two pets. I don't think a Flying pet with Mechanical damage exists, so it's much harder to find a strong matchup to counter the Beast pet.

In any case, if you have too much trouble using it to level, that's likely because you don't have the right matchups. A good excuse to level another pet! And it's still worth doing the daily because of the chance to get an upgrade stone from the pet supplies bag.

Taming Pandaria #1:
Jade Forest Smackdown!

Welcome to Pandaria!

Welcome to Pandaria!
You want pet battles? We got pet battles!!

I think Blizzard decided to try easing us into the first few Tamers in Pandaria. Which is alright by me. If they were all like Major Payne or Crystalsong Creepy Guy I think I'd have rage quit by now. Just like the last tamer in Cataclysm, this fight is very straightforward but still a bit challenging since the gap in stats is even larger.

Meet the Tamer

Hyuna of the Shrines

Meet Hyuna of the Shrines.
She's protecting the Temples of Pandaria with her tiny pets!

So tell me, Hyuna of the Shrines, how effective is your tiny Turtle in protecting the Jade Temple? What's that you say, the Temple is overrun by giant Shadow things?? Well I'm sure that wasn't your fault. Your Turtle did the best it could!

The Abilities


Meet Skyshaper.
She's pretty tough for a flying insect.

Skyshaper is pretty typical of the Flying insects in Pandaria. First she generally hits you with Confusing Sting which does a bit of damage every turn. Then she breaks out Glowing Toxin which takes 25% of your health over a few turns. Then she does a normal Flying attack (Slicing Wind) until the first two wear off and she starts all over again.

She's got no mitigation or avoidance abilities. She doesn't swarm. Stick a Magic or Dragonkin pet on her and she's EZ mode.


Meet Fangor.
Yet another huge snake.

Fangor is a typical Snake pet. He Hisses, Burrows and hits you with his Vicious Fangs. Break out a Mechanical or a Flyer, time your abilities around his Burrow, and he's EZ Mode.

Dor the Wall

Meet Dor the Wall.
That's some name you got there!

Dor the Wall keeps this fight from being boring. He starts out using Headbutt which hits for a ton of Beast damage. Then he heals himself with Healing Wave, rests for a few turns while putting up his Shield Shell, and starts it all over again. Depending on what pet you bring, Dor can be a complete pain as you can't hurt him enough to come close to killing him. What do you do?

There's more than one way to take him on, depending on your stable. If you have two good Flying pets, you can stick one of them on the Beast, and the other to start wearing down Dor. Then use your second Flying pet (ideally a Moth with Cocoon Strike or a pet with Lift-Off ) to wear him down, timing your avoidance ability to match up with his Headbutt attack so you take pretty much no damage. As long as you use large attacks, like Peck, rather than Flurry like attacks, you should be able to wear him down.

If you want it to be super-EZ Mode, you can use a Spawn of Onyxia with Tail Swipe (assuming your pet is slower than his), Lift-Off and Healing Flame. As long as your pet has enough health to survive the first Headbutt you can take him down completely and end the fight with nearly 100% health.

In summary, as long as you have the right pet to take down Dor the Wall this fight is pretty easy. If you don't have any answer, you should probably spend some of your time capturing some of the cool pets in Pandaria and levelling them, as the later Tamers are much more difficult.


First tamer down, six more to go!

Take Two

As long as you have a max level Spawn of Onyxia or a Dragonkin with similar abilities, this fight is probably easier to use for leveling than most of the ones in Cataclysm. Just open with your leveling pet, and swap in your Dragonkin to finish off the Flyer. Then use whatever works against the Beast pet. If your Dragonkin has low health, then let your Beast-killer take the first hit and swap in and let your Dragonkin heal up before beating up on Dor. Depending on RNG, it may take a while to wear him down, but in the end, you'll get him!

Update: If you're going for speed, I've also had really good luck just burning Dor down with a Darkmoon Tonk. By the time Dor manages to finish off the Tonk, its health is so low that your Dragonkin pet doesn't even have to work to finish the fight.

Victory 2

Sure Hyuna, sounds like fun!

Taming Pandaria #2:
Four Winds Faceoff

Valley of Four Winds

Howdy Neighbor!

So what do they do in the Valley of the Four Winds when they get bored with farming and fighting Virmen? Well they make their crops battle to the death! But it's all in good fun.

At one point, this was the easiest fight in Pandaria by far. They've made it somewhat difficult now, but if you have the right matchups it's still not too difficult.

Meet the Tamer

Farmer Nishi and Farmer Nik

Farmer Nishi, meet Farmer Nik!
I may not have cleared a single raid boss this expansion,
but I beat the pants off of WoW-Farmville!

Farmer Nishi has a dream. A dream that some day, he'll take on the best and the brightest in Azeroth and win! Unfortunately, Blizzard would have to completely eliminate the entire Aquatic pet class for that to work. Too bad, Farmer Nishi!

The Abilities


Meet Siren.
She's a giant sunflower!

So anyone here played Plants vs. Zombies? I have! And I heart (♥) you so much giant sunflower! Too bad I'm still gonna have to sic my Aquatic pets on you until you're dead!

Sunny day

So yeah, the Giant Sunflower uses her solar power (Sunny Day) to make everything bright and sunny. Then she zaps you with her extra strong Solar Beam. Then she uses her buffed Photosynthesis to heal any damage your pet might do to her. Then she just sits there soaking in damage like a punching bag for 5 turns until her solar power thing comes off cooldown.

Unless of course you break out an Aquatic damaging pet. Then, assuming you use some ability to avoid her Solar Beam you can hurt her enough that she dies slowly over about 6 turns. Of course, that will likely take out your first pet.


Meet Toothbreaker.
He's a giant turnip!

Look! Another Elemental!! Only this one hides in the ground while his little friends beat up on you.

Sons of the root.

You can hide, but you can't run Giant Turnip-Thingy!

Hopefully, you've got the idea by now. Use an Aquatic damager, preferably one with Pump or Whirlpool and finish him off!

Brood of Mothran

Brood of Mothran?
What kind of name is that??

Well at least this one isn't another Elemental. Instead, it's a giant caterpillar. Which is just like all of the other worm thingies you've fought before. If you've got a Mechanical or a Flyer, use it. If your having trouble, try and have one of your pets take his Acidic Goo attack and then swap to the other. That Burrow ability can sting if you let it be buffed by another 25%.

In summary, pick any three from Water Waveling, Sea Pony, Mongoose, or maybe a Darkmoon Tonk for the last pet. And you'll have this in the bag. 2 Aquatics + 1 Mechanical = WIN.


That was loads of fun neighbor! Thanks for the bag of shinies!

Take Two

This used to be extremely easy to use for leveling purposes. Now it takes a small amount of strategery.

There's more than one way to tackle this, but my go-to group is a Sea Pony with Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, and Whirlpool; a Mongoose that has >280 speed and using Gnaw, Screech and Dive; and any leveling pet that can take at least one hit from the Sons of the Root and also survive a hit from Sunlight. Low single digits for most, a bit higher for Mechanicals.

You open with the Sea Pony, which should be slower than the Sunflower. Your first turn will be Cleansing Rain which should cancel out any of the buffs from Sunlight and also increases your Aquatic attacks slightly. You then swap to your Mongoose and Dive immediately to avoid getting hit with the first Solar Beam. If your Dive hits you should have the Sunflower down to 20% health or so and can just Gnaw it to death. Otherwise, you just Gnaw it down and save your Dive to avoid the next Solar Beam.

After taking down the Sunflower, you should swap in your low level pet to take one hit from the Turnip. Then swap to your Sea Pony, drop a Whirlpool and put up the Cleansing Rain again. Use your Water Jet when the Turnip surfaces again and between that and the Whirlpool, the Turnip should drop very quickly.

When the Caterpillar pops up, drop Whirlpool and swap to your Mongoose after you get hit with Acidic Goo. Use your Mongoose's Screech to slow it down and Gnaw it to death. If you get bad RNG, you may need to use your Sea Pony to finish it off, but that generally isn't an issue. Enjoy your XP boost and your bag of shinies!

Taming Pandaria #3:
Getting Wild!

Krasarang Wilds map

What happens in the Krasarang Wilds, stays in the Krasarang Wilds!

So this fight is definitely not EZ Mode. You'll actually need to pay attention and use more than one pet if you want to win. So that's good.

Also, how annoying is it to try and type “Krasarang?” I kind of want to smack the person who picked that name. Then again, maybe they're like 10 feet tall and can beat me up. Maybe that's their Mother's favorite word and they'll have to duel me to the death for making fun of it?? Maybe I've been through the Wormhole Generator one too many times and my brain is permanently scrambled! Anyways, let's talk about the tamer now.

Meet the Tamer


Meet Mo'ruk.
He's gonna beat ya!

Mo'ruk is a giant Monkey-man who's gonna beat ya! What's extra sad is how many times you get ROFL-stomped by the Monkey-man while you're figuring out what you need to do to finally ook him in the dook.

Let me ease your pain somewhat and share what I've learned to consistently ook him.

The Abilities


Meet Woodcarver.
Whadda know, another giant caterpillar-thingy!

Woodcarver is just like every other giant Caterpillar-thingy. Only with more stats. First, he hits you with his Acidic Goo which increases your damage taken by 25%. Then, he Burrows and hits you with an extra strong hit. Then he heals himself with Consume. At this point, your Acidic Goo needs renewed, so he does that. Then he either hits Consume or does nothing until he's ready to Burrow. After a few attempts, you can usually guess the timing on him.

So what do you do to stop him? Well, that depends on your stable. If you've got a Darkmoon Tonk, you set him up with Lock-On, then you fire your Missle at him, trying to keep him over 50% health until his first consume. That way he doesn't get extra heals from his Beast special ability. Then you fire your Lock-On and use Shock and Awe or Missile him until he's dead. If you have any health left, it may be a good idea to swap as you don't want to get hit with the next pet's attacks while you're still covered in Acidic Goo.

What do you use if you don't have a Tonk? Another good Mechanical, like the Squirrel or the Dragonling, should work. I've also had good luck using an Ooze as your Absorb and your DoTs do a good job of killing Woodcarver while still having a fair amount of health left. If you don't have any of those pets, you can try and use the best DPS pet you have and hope it works. Or go capture and level more pets (like you need an excuse).


Meet Lightstalker.
This is one giant moth, you
wouldn't want to find in your cupboard!

Lightstalker hits even harder than the Giant Caterpillar-thingy. He's got Moth Balls, Moth Dust, and Alpha Strike and they all sting. He doesn't have any mitigation or avoidance abilities, so the best thing you can do is burn him down, and the best pet for that is a Dragonkin. Preferably, one that does magic damage, but any will do in a pinch. You can try and kill him with a Magic pet, or something else that has good mitigation, but it's probably not any easier.


Meet Needleback.
He's a spinning ball of pain!

Needleback is fast and painful. He usually opens with Headbutt which is a Beast attack that can take 40-50% of your health. If you survive that, he uses Grasp to make sure you can't leave, and then uses Powerball on you until his Headbutt is off cooldown again.

You can try and use a Flying pet, since he is an Aquatic. This works pretty well, especially if you have Lift-Off or Cocoon as it keeps his Headbutt from hurting as much though it does nothing for the other two abilities. If you have a Harpy Youngling, that actually does well against him too. If all else fails, the Spawn of Onyxia with Tail-Sweep is a good choice as it can heal back the damage from Headbutt and it also has Lift-Off which does a ton of damage to him (when it actually hits).

In summary, this fight is about matchups and to some extent, RNG. If you have a pet to counter each of his, you should be able to beat him. If you don't, then maybe it's time to go level or catch one!


Another one bites the dust!

Take Two

So this one took me awhile to figure out. I'm always tempted to try and tweak my strategy, as it's still dependent on RNG, but every time I do, it keeps de-railing somehow.

Assuming your pet is at least level 10, you want to open with it so that it takes the Acidic Goo from the Caterpillar and your first pet takes less damage.

Your next pet should most likely be a Darkmoon Tonk with Shock and Awe and Lock-On just like I mentioned above. I've done it with other pets, though they didn't go as smoothly. Handle the Tonk pretty much exactly as I mentioned earlier and his Caterpillar should be dead after only 1-2 Consumes depending on RNG. If it takes longer than that, you'll probably lose. However, don't bother with using your Shock and Awe until you're sure it will finish him as the 25% chance to stun actually works against your as the tamer then swaps pets on you. That being said, the nerf to Minefield several patches ago makes that ability much less useful than Shock and Awe as you'll likely only get to lay it down once.

In almost every case, you should swap your Tonk out as soon as you finish off the Caterpillar since the Moth hits pretty hard. Your next pet should most likely be a Spawn of Onyxia with Tail Swipe, Lift-Off, and Healing Flame. You need a Dragonkin to take on the second pet and still have enough hit-points to wipe out the third. The heals and avoidance make this pet work, though you can well with something like the Emerald Whelpling.

You should time your heal so that it's not immediately after a Moth Ball attack as the heal will be much smaller. Your Tail Swipe is your main DPS. You should try and time your Lift-Off so that you avoid either Moth Balls or Moth Dust. The other attacks aren't as big a problem. You can always use Healing Flame to mitigate them. Still, any avoidance is good.

moth ball - missing

If everything goes well, you should have around 60-80% health on your Dragonkin, and your Tonk should have at least 30% + a reboot. You can try and time your next Lift-Off to avoid the Turtle's Headbutt though that takes a little dumb luck as much as anything. If you're lucky enough to have your Lift-Off damage him, you're in good shape. If not, you can still kill him with Tail swipe just hope that you don't get crit to death. Your Tonk should be able to get a few hits in as well, but you don't want to waste the turn to swap it back in. Just try and do as much damage on your Dragon and let the Tonk clean up if it needs to.


  1. If your leveling pet is too low to live through Acidic Goo, it's doable, but more difficult.
  2. Bad RNG can derail this strategy, especially if your Tonk doesn't kill the first pet fast enough, or your Dragonkin takes too much damage.
  3. Several bad attempts in a row can make this very frustrating. Don't forget to breathe!
Hard Mode: Unlocked!

Hard Mode: Unlocked!