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WoW Pet obsession? Don’t mind if I do!

Taming Northrend #1:
Fjord Fever

Planning Your Itinerary

Whoever said Getting there is half the fun wasn't talking about the tamers in Northrend. They're spread out, the boats to Northrend put you on the edges of the continent, and it's just not that easy to get from place-to-place… unless you're an Engineer!

Howling Fjord here I come! Wheeee...

Howling Fjord here I come! Wheeee…

In all seriousness, if you want hit all of the trainers each day without wasting time, you need an Engineer with a Wormhole Generator, or a toon with an Argent Crusader's Tabard, or (ideally) a way to teleport into Dalaran (like a Mage, a Hearthstone, or one of those nifty rings they sell). Two of the three options make it really easy.

Of course, you could just park an unused alt or two near the tamers in Northrend. It might be handy anyway if you're looking to capture one of the rare pets.

Welcome to Northrend

Well, it's not lakefront property, but it does have an ocean view!

Well, it's not lake-front property, but it does have an ocean view!

So how was your trip? Did you have a nice long flight into the middle of nowhere? The wormhole was just a suggestion really, I didn't expect it to just dump you on top of a Vrykl infested keep or anything. Glad you made it down okay anyways.

Oh, and I hope you've got a small stable of Level 25 pets because Northrend is where Blizzard finally starts to take the training wheels off this pet battle stuff.

Meet the Tamer

Meet Beegle Blastfuse. This guy puts the "crazy" in "crazy-ass Gnome!"

Meet Beegle Blastfuse. This guy puts the “crazy” in “crazy-ass Gnome!”

I'll admit, I'm a Gnome enthusiast. We are the Kings and Queens of “out of the box” thinking.

When we see a box, the first thing we think is: How do we get out of this box?

Followed closely by: Who the heck put us inside this box!

And finally: It's not funny anymore guys! Let me outta the box!!

That being said, sometimes there's a Gnome that moves past “unorthodox”. This gnome breezes their way through “maverick.” This Gnome will not stop until they end up somewhere in the middle of “bat-guano crazy!”

Beegle Blastfuse is one of those Gnomes! I mean the guy is sitting there on the edge of this huge ass cliff trying to teach a Chicken, a Turkey, and a Penguin to how fly! And it's not like he's using a glider, a parachute, or a rocket pack. He's just up there flapping his arms.

And he's even named one of them “Dinner!” What self respecting tamer does this??

At this point, I'm not sure if steamrolling his team is a mercy for them or not. I'd rather go all Harriet Tubman and escort them to freedom!

The Abilities

Meet Dinner. Yeah, he totally named it Dinner!

Meet Dinner.
Yeah, he totally named it Dinner!

Dinner is a Chicken. Obviously, he's not very smart or he would have left this crazy Gnome tamer in the dust. But he does have a few interesting abilities.

He usually starts off with Squawk which reduces your damage by 25% for three turns. He then does Flock, which is where you get attacked by an entire flock of chickens.

Where did this Flock of chickens come from? Who cares? I'm a dragon: RAWR!

Where did this Flock of chickens come from?
Who cares? I'm a dragon! RAAWR!

It's just like Swarm except it does Flying damage instead of Critter damage. Then he usually does Lift-Off where he actually does fly for a little bit. The main thing to remember is that this ability can hit for a ton when combined with the debuff from Flock. So don't be afraid to swap.

If you have a dragonkin or a pet with a blocking ability, Dinner isn't that dangerous. Just keep away from Aquatic pets. Beast pets may have a hard time as well.

Meet Gobbles. Not really much better name-wise.

Meet Gobbles.
Not really much better as far as names go.

Gobbles is slightly more annoying than Dinner. Mainly because he has a crowd control ability and actually uses it! Don't worry, this doesn't happen with most of the Tamers.

You are getting sleepy. Sleeeepy...

You are getting sleepy. Sleeeepy…

Food Coma is his crowd control ability. It puts you to sleep for a few turns unless you take damage. Which usually happens on the next turn, so it's not worth swapping unless your pet has low health anyway.

Gobbles also does Gobble Strike which is another name for Adrenaline Rush and Slicing Wind which is a normal Flying damage attack. Use a Dragonkin or Magic pet if you want to mess him up quickly. You can use an Aquatic or Beast pet, with care. Be prepared to be frustrated a bit with his crowd control as it seems to come off cooldown about the same time as your big hitting abilities.

Meet Warble. Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Meet Warble.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Warble keeps this fight from being a total snooze. He's an Aquatic pet with some frustrating abilities. His first ability is Peck which is just a normal Flying attack.

Ice tomb

Ice Tomb is his large damage ability that also stuns you. Try and time any damage avoidance abilities around this if you can.

Slippery ice

Slippery Ice just adds to the fun. Mainly because, now your abilities have an extra chance to miss (on top of the higher chance to miss for hard hitting attacks). This often means that, just when you think the little Penguin is dead, he manages to survive another round to beat up on you.

Your best bet is to put a Flying pet on Warble preferably one with Lift-Off, so you can avoid the stun. A Critter with damage avoidance abilities can also work. Any pet with a heal can also let you power through his Ice Tomb though it may not survive depending on its damage type. Avoid using Mechanical or Undead pets with Warbler.

In summary, a Dragonkin or a Magic pet (or better yet, a Magic dealing Dragonkin) can take the first two pets without too much trouble. Which makes this fight easy as your last two can beat up on the Penguin. Beast- or Aquatic-heavy teams may have trouble, but most compositions should be okay.

Fly free little Chickens! And Turkeys! And Penguins??

Fly free little Chickens! And Turkeys! And Penguins??

Take Two

In case you missed the subtle hints, what you need to make this fight EZ mode is a Level 25 Dragonkin that does Magic damage. Like a Celestial Dragon, or a Nether Faerie Dragon or an Emerald Proto-Whelp.

There are other choices as well. Any of the ones on this page can help. But you should start thinking about how to obtain and level any of those first three, as they will help tremendously in later fights.

Taming Northrend #2:
Crystalsong Creeper

Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the Forlorn Woods...

Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the Forlorn Woods…

Hope you had fun going after the Crazy Flying Gnome, because now it's time to travel the Creepy (oh sorry, Forlorn) Woods. And instead of a nice, eccentric tamer, we get Creepy McCreeperson and His Creepy Band of Creepy Undead Things. And instead of a normal fight, you get The Most Gimmicky Fight Eva!!11!!

Meet The Tamer

Meet Nearly Headless Jacob. Actually no, you don't want to meet this guy!

Meet Nearly Headless Jacob.
Actually no, you really don't want to meet this guy!

Nearly Headless Jacob, a.k.a. Creepy McCreeperson is apparently wandering the Forlorn Woods looking for travelers to creep on. And likely strangle or otherwise molest using his creepy Undead pets. That's all you need (or want) to know about this guy.

The Abilities

Meet Spooky Strangler. Yeah, the name kind of says it all. Gimmick Rating: Ultra!

Meet Spooky Strangler.
Yeah, the name kind of says it all. Gimmick Rating: Ultra!

Spooky Strangler or as I prefer to call it, The Hand of Gimmick, has three annoying and very gimmicky abilities.

Curse of doom

Curse of Doom does no damage for 4 rounds, then hits you with an extra large can of Undead pain that takes half your health. And there's almost nothing you can do to stop it.


Agony does a rather large amount of Undead damage over three rounds with the most damage hitting on the last round. Again, for most pets there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Finally, the Hand of Gimmick hits you with Death Grip which hits you with a small amount of damage and then swaps in your lowest health back row pet. Which leaves you with another choice: to leave your debuffed pet in the back row to get hit with a bunch of Undead damage and be useless, or to leave the pet it picks in the front row and hope that it can beat up the stupid hand before it gets debuffed again. Fun times…

Curse of Doom? More like Curse of Gimmick. Blegh!

Curse of Doom? More like Curse of Gimmick. Blegh.

The only good news is that all of the trainers pets are Undead, and so they all have the same vulnerabilities and if you chose wisely it doesn't matter which pet you lead with. Just use pets that do alot of Critter damage, preferably including an Aquatic pet since that takes less damage from Undead, and you're good. The obvious choices are Frog pets (like this one), any kind of Critter (especially one with damage reducing abilities) or any pet with Flurry or Swarm (including Infected Fawn or Infected Squirrel). Pick any two or three, mix well, and ROFL-Stomp these guys!

Meet Stitch. Gimmick Rating: High +

Meet Stitch.
Gimmick Rating: High +

Stitch is less gimmicky than the previous pet, but somewhat harder to kill. He usually starts off with Call Darkness which hits for a large amount of Humanoid damage and changes the weather to Darkness for 5 rounds. During Darkness your healing is reduced by 50% and all (non-elemental) pets are Blinded.

Stitch then usually hits you with Weakness which does a small amount of Magic damage and then gives you a debuff that reduces your speed and damage by alot for one round. His last ability is Bone Prison which hits you with a good amount of Undead damage and prevents your pet from fleeing.

Oh, and you have to face this three times. Because the fight doesn't have enough gimmicks...

Also, you get to face this three times.
Because the fight doesn't have enough gimmicks…

Basically, with Stitch, you either want a pet that can change the weather to something friendly, or a pet that does alot of Critter damage and can kill Stitch quickly. Avoid using Humanoids and pets that do Dragonkin damage (which is true for the whole fight, really). Most importantly, make sure you have a strong pet in at the start as you will not likely be able to swap it out once you start attacking him.

Meet Mort. Gimmick Rating: High

Meet Mort.
Gimmick Rating: High

Mort is a Creepy Flying Skull, which I guess makes it the “easiest” of the three. Of course, you have to face it last after the other two wore you down a bit, so that's not really very helpful. It usually starts off with Siphon Life which ticks for a small amount on most pets and heals Mort for a small amount. Actually, 50% less since the Darkness weather effect is still in effect.

Its next ability is Ghostly Bite which hits for a good amount, has a moderate chance to miss, and then stuns Mort for one round. It's actually kind of cute watching it knock itself out for one turn. Its last ability is Spectral Strike which hits for a ton and has a high chance to miss, except when your pet is Blinded, then it always hits.

Mort can be very streaky due to the high chance his abilities have to miss. If you have something that can change the weather or is immune to the weather effects, that can help, but mainly just try and burn him down and hope you don't get an unlucky Spectral Strike.

In summary, this fight is extremely gimmicky, but can be won without too much trouble if you have pets that do alot of critter damage. A frog pet is ideal since it takes less damage from Undead in addition to having strong Critter attacks. A pet that can change the weather will help somewhat, but isn't required.

Prepare to taste a little Gnome justice you Creepy Creeper!

Prepare to taste a little Gnome justice you Creepy Creeper!

Take Two

If you have two good level 25 Critter damaging pets, you can take this guy while leveling a third pet. If your leveling pet has 1350 or more health, and is not a Humanoid, you can lead with the leveling pet as it probably won't die. Otherwise, you'll have to do a large amount of swapping as the Hand of Gimmick will constantly try and pick on your leveling pet and, unless that pet can cleanse, you really don't want to be hit with Curse of Doom.

The pets I typically use are Small Frog which is tailor made for this fight with its critter attacks, and Infected Fawn with Flurry and Adrenaline Rush selected. I'm sure there are other pets that work just as well, but the Infected Fawn in particular is worth leveling as it does a good job against some of the other Northrend tamers you will face. And, by now, you should have captured at least one good frog out of the millions you've needed to dispatch when leveling.

So you won and then he just up and leaves. Sore loser, or is he looking for easier prey?

So you won and then he just up and leaves.
Sore loser, or is he looking for easier prey?

Taming Northrend #3:
Ghoul Trouble

Welcome to Zul'Drak! Hope you like creepy crawly things...

Welcome to Zul'Drak! Hope you like creepy crawly things…

Well I'd like to say that this next one is easier than the last guy, but it's really not much easier. If you have a couple of hard hitting pets preferably a Mechanical, then this fight isn't that tough. But you can't just throw any three pets in and expect an easy fight.

Also, this kind of freaked me out the first few times it showed up in the middle of the fight:

Thyrm - The Hope Ender

Incoming message from:
Thyrm  <The Hope Ender>
You Kidz Better GTFO My Lawn!!

Meet The Tamer

Meet Gutretch. He's alright in my book.

Meet Gutretch. He's alright in my book.

Gutretch is really not that bad of a guy. All he wants to do is have fun battling pets. In fact, I'd say he's probably the most stable of all the Northrend tamers. Of course, considering his brain probably rotted out awhile ago, that's not saying much. But he'd be a hit at any Hallow's End party!

The Abilities


Meet Cadavus:
Yet another giant flesh-eating worm pet.

Cadavus is one of the many giant worm pets you have to fight. These have to be one of the favorite annoying Tamer pets.

Cadavus has the same moves as all the others: Acidic Goo which puts a DOT on you and causes you to take 25% extra damage, Burrow which already hits with alot of damage and is nearly always boosted by the goo, and Consume which heals the giant worm pet.

You kill it the same as all the others: bring in a Mechanical or other heavy hitter and damage it more than its Consume can heal it. The main thing is keep Critters away from this pet. Aquatics or any pet with a damage reducing ability can help, but you want bursty pets more than tanky pets.

Meet Fleshrender. Second verse (almost) the same as the first!

Meet Fleshrender:
Second verse (almost) the same as the first!

Fleshrender is just like the other pet except it has Leap instead of Burrow. This makes it easier to kill but maybe a bit harder on Critter pets. Keep the first bursty pet on it and swap in another good pet if the first one dies before you can take down Fleshrender.

If you have a good crowd control ability, you might use it on Cadavus and then burn through this pet first as it's a bit easier. But it's no biggy if you don't.


Meet Blight.
It's EZ Mode at this point.

Blight is easy as long as you have a pet with a decent amount of hit points left. If you can slow Blight down, it's even easier as Flurry does more damage if it attacks first. Blight's other abilities, Comeback and Sting aren't too tough.

In summary, a couple of good damage pets, like a Mechanical or a strong Elemental, can make this fight very easy. If you have a critter heavy or a tanky group, you may have trouble, but there are no gimmicks to worry about.

Y it no move?

Coming from a walking, talking, Undead guy,
that question almost makes sense!

Take Two

In case you missed the (not so subtle) hints, this fight can be easily done for leveling purposes. Just make sure your leveling pet has enough hit points to survive the initial Acidic Goo, then swap it out for the first Burrow.

After that, all you need are at least one, preferably two, heavy hitting pets. Originally, I leaned towards a Personal World Destroyer, but I think a Fel Flame is actually better at this point.

Taming Northrend #4:
Dragonblight Battle!

Here Be (Moar) Dragons!

Here Be (Moar) Dragons!

This next fight can be very painful. Like the Creepy Strangler Guy, the Angry Orc Dude seems to require at least one pet that has good Critter damage. It also requires that you pay some attention to the different abilities this Tamer throws at you. So it's more like a PvP fight than a typical boss throwdown.

Meet the Tamer

Meet Okrul Dragonwaste. Yeah, I kind of hate this guy.

Meet Okrul Dragonwaste.
Yeah, I kind of hate this guy.

Okrul Dragonwaste or, as I like to call him the Angry Orc Dude, is kind of a douchebag. It looks like he's come to Northrend to enslave a bunch of dragons and take them back to the Warchief. Only he's really only bringing one dragon as two out of the three are actually Undead.

Also he yells alot about how he's doing this “For the Horde” but I don't really think the Warchief needs to add tiny Dragons to his arsenal of cool toys. They're just not that effective. And big ones can be kind of a pain to wrangle. What the Warchief really needs is good Goblin Engineering!

By the end of this, I wanted to smack Angry Orc Dude, and I'd bet that you will too. Let me show you how we can make this happen!

The Abilities

Drogar. Bonafide, 100% Flame-Breathing Dragon.

Meet Drogar.
Bonafide, 100% Flame-Breathing Dragon.

Okay, so it's a toss-up whether you'll meet Drogar or the other one first. I think it depends on which kind you pick first, but we'll start with him. Drogar's first ability is called Flamethrower.

Flamethrower: It Burrrns!

Flamethrower: It Burrrns!

Flamethrower hits your pet with a large amount of Elemental damage and sets everything on fire. This ability can be very annoying in PvP, but since he doesn't have any abilities that work off of the Burning debuff. It's not that bad.

Drogar also does Proto-strike which is just like Lift-Off that your Flying pet does, only it does Dragonkin instead of Flying damage. His last ability is Ancient Blessing which is a huge self heal with a small boost to the entire team's hit points.

Ideally, you'd counter Drogar with a Humanoid, but an Undead or even a Critter with a Burrow or other damage avoidance ability can do well against him. Avoid using Magic and Flying pets against him.


Meet Sleet.
He's very cold and very dead.

Sleet is an Undead pet with a mix of Elemental and Dragonkin abilities. The perfect counter is a Critter though an Undead with critter abilities also works well.


Blizzard is his first ability. It does a large amount of Elemental damage to the front pet and has a weather effect. None of his abilities work with the Chilled debuff so it's not that important.

Ice tomb

Ice Tomb is his next ability. It puts an attack on the ground that hits your pet after 3 rounds with a large elemental damage and stun. You need to time any damage avoiding abilities like Burrow or Lift-Off around this attack. Sleet also does Frost Breath which is a normal Dragonkin attack.

When I was first taking this guy on, my best pet was a fast Brown Marmot as I could reduce or avoid his large Elemental attacks and kill him quickly with the Critter attacks. Any good Critter pet should do well, but avoid using Mechanicals or Magic pets.


Meet Rot.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate +

Rot is an Undead pet that has both Dragonkin attacks and Undead self-healing. An Undead pet that does Critter damage is the perfect counter, though most strong Critter or Aquatic pets will also work.

Plagued blood

Plagued Blood is the usual opener. It hits your pet for a decent amount of Undead damage and puts a debuff on the pet that heals Rot when your pet is hit. It is usually followed by Death and Decay which is just a DoT that hits for a small amount of Undead damage. The final attack is Shadowflame which is a typical Dragonkin attack, but slightly more annoying because of the debuff that heals when you get hit.

The main issue with Rot is that it's strong enough that you need to keep a good pet ready to kill it. However, after the first two pets, you may not have one with enough hit points. Some of it depends on not getting really bad RNG with your first two pets. Avoid using Magic and Humanoid pets against Rot, burn him down quickly and you should be okay.

In summary, the same pets you used against the Creepy Strangler Guy should come in handy against the Angry Orc Dude. However, swapping in a Critter pet or a pet with good avoidance abilities against Sleet can make it easier. Avoid using a Humanoid or Magic heavy team, and use your abilities in the right place, and it's doable, but not super easy.

No Dragons for You, Angry Orc Dude!

No Dragons for You, Angry Orc Dude!

Take Two

This fight can be done for leveling without too much trouble, though bad RNG can cause you to waste an attempt or two. You can use most any leveling pet if you manage to swap it in and out at the right time, though having enough hit points to take one good hit helps.

An Infected Fawn with Flurry and Adrenaline Rush, or an Infected Squirrel with Stampede are ideal for taking on the two Undead pets. A strong Critter or another pet with good avoidance also works, though a Frog pet is less effective than against the Creepy Strangler Guy since it can't heal through the Elemental damage that Sleet does.

For the Dragonkin pet, you can use a Humanoid, or really any heavy damaging pet, but avoid using Mechanicals or Magic pets.

Taming Northrend #5:
Icecrown Showdown

Welcome to the Argent Tournament!

Welcome to the Argent Tournament!
Home of the One-Room Raid™ and lots of cool vanity stuff!

Just one more Tamer and then you'll have finished Taming Northrend. This next guy is a major pain but before we talk about him, let's take a moment and talk about the Argent Renaissance Faire. Those people who were around in WoTLK, should already be familiar with Blizzard's stop-gap content-filler gone crazy, especially the One Room Raid™. And hopefully, you've already got all of the goodies you want from here.

Teleport to the Tournament

The Argent Crusader's Tabard, which teleports you
directly to the tournament, is one of many rewards you can get.

But if you haven't done it yet, you should definitely make room in your regularly scheduled leveling or daily plan for this unique event. I could say more good things about it, since the rewards are awesome, but getting those rewards can become a very tiresome grind that you will never ever really finish. This guide has the basics of how to get started by becoming an Argent Champion.

Argent Tournament Rewards:

  1. Lots of pets and more mounts than you can imagine
  2. Some very cool looking weapons for transmogging
  3. An squire pet that will let you visit the bank from anywhere
  4. A way to completely level your Faction rep
  5. And Heirloom items that don't take honor or justice points

But let's talk about the tamer shall we?

Meet the Tamer

Major Payne

Major Payne. Ell. Oh. Ell.
No really, I get it Blizzard. It's just not so funny
after the first few dozen times you fight him.

Major Payne is, well, a major pain. His pets are stupidly hard compared to the other tamers and this gives him one of the most arrogant attitudes you'll see outside of Pandaria. He's like the Role Player who role plays being a goody-goody because that's how he is IRL. You can't really hate Major Payne (because that makes you a bad person, maybe even a rebel ) but you still totally want to smack him.

And now I'll show you how to do so!

The Abilities


Meet Grizzle.
He's the Baby Blizzard Bear, only all grown up.

Most of the time (unless you lead with a Mechanical), Payne's first pet is Grizzle. He's a big bad bear that has some hard hitting abilities. If you're lucky, he opens with Rampage. This lasts three rounds and hits most pets very hard. After that Grizzle is tired and decides to Hibernate for three rounds. This is gives him large amounts of health back each turn with the largest amount coming on the third round.


Well he would be tired after all that.

At that point, he's back to nearly 100% health and ready to finish beating the crap out of your pet. In between the two abilities, he uses Bash which stuns your pet for one round. Sometimes he opens with Bash, which is extra annoying.

Obviously, you should avoid using Critter pets against this guy. Or pets that do Humanoid damage. He used to just start with a different pet when you lead with a Mechanical, but now he just leads with bash much of the time. So I've had some success with a Darkmoon Tonk or a fast mechanical pet. I've also had success with other high damaging pets like a Fel Flame, with Immolate, Flame Breath, and Conflagrate, or a Water Waveling with Water Jet, Frost Nova (important to prevent switching) and Geyser (which stuns him during his heal).

I'm sure there are other pets that work, but the main goal is to have Grizzle dead before the second round of his hibernate which means you need a really bursty pet. If he opens with his Bash that can disrupt your rotation enough to sometimes make you lose. If you miss or he dodges too many times, that can make you lose too. Really, it's easy to lose the fight on Grizzle because he's just that painful.

A strong DPS pet is still the best way I've found to finish him, unless you have a Darkmoon Tonk leveled up. Then just use that and enjoy the EZ Mode version of the fight.


They call it the Beakmaster…

Beakmaster X-225 is almost as annoying as Grizzle. It generally opens with Shock and Awe which hits very hard and has a 25% chance to stun your pet. Fortunately, it has a three round cooldown.


It then likes to Wind-Up which gives it a 10% damage buff, and also allows it to hit you with another very hard hit. It usually only triggers that when your health is low enough for Wind-Up to kill you. Batter is its last ability and that is a typical Mechanical attack which hits an extra time if your pet is slower than Beakmaster.

Ideally, you'll have used a Fel Flame on Grizzle and it should have enough health left to do some serious damage to Beakmaster. A second Elemental pet with decent damage should absolutely destroy Beakmaster. Which is good, because it hits hard enough that you have to kill it quickly. I have had some success using the Water Waveling against Beakmaster. It may not hit quite as hard as other Elementals, but it still takes reduced damage and it will do very well as an opener against the last pet.

A fast rabbit with Burrow and Dodge also works well and does a better job on the last pet.


Meet Bloom.
Annoyance Rating: Moderate

Compared to the other two pets, Bloom is a cakewalk. However, it has decent damage abilities (Lash and Entangling Roots) and a strong enough heal (Soothing Mists) that you need a pet with a fair amount of health to finish her off. If things are going well, your Water Waveling should still be alive and able to drop a Geyser on her before it dies. It may even be able to finish her off, but if not, just pick a good Aquatic damage pet and it's EZ Mode.

In summary, you need to pick strong damage pets that match up well in order to finish this fight. If you can't burn down Grizzle and Beakmaster quickly they will finish off your team before you can even see Bloom. But if you can kill them fast, especially the first pet, it's doable.

Congratulations, you've just finished Taming Northrend!

Congratulations, you've just finished Taming Northrend!

And the reward is: you get the chance to fight these guys everyday! Fun… Also a Bag of Pet Supplies with a chance to get an upgrade stone. I can see why half of you probably won't ever do these quests again!

Take Two

To start off with, yes this is doable for leveling purposes. But it isn't very easy without access to pets from Cataclysm or more likely Pandaria. Or maybe just a few really expensive ones from raids and the like. In any case, it used to be that you could use the exact same Fel Flame + Waveling strategy and carry any pet, but changes to the way Conflagrate work make this much less likely to work.

I have since tried many different ideas to make this work while carrying a low level pet, including many different (pre Cata) Elementals, using the Crow from Darkmoon Island, and even just the ordinary Westfall Chicken to try and get the Shattered Defenses debuff up so you can kill the first pet and still have most of your health left. In the end, I tossed it all and went back to my go-to pet: a Spawn of Onyxia.

Oddly enough, even though it doesn't have any strong attacks against these pets, a Spawn of Onyxia + a Fel Flame did the trick and I was able to down the Tamer while using a level 10 pet.

Your Spawn of Onyxia needs to have Tail Sweep, Healing Flame and Lift-Off selected and must be slower than Grizzle. You will need to use Healing Flame pretty much every cooldown. This is because you not only need to kill Grizzle, you need to have an almost full health bar so you can take down Bloom.

I found I was able to last through the first round of Rampage and Hibernate and be back to full health while Grizzle was down to around 65-75%. I was then able to kill him after the second round and still have a full or nearly full health bar. Sometimes, Grizzle likes to throw in a stun. With the old strategy, this used to completely mess up your rotation, but as long as you use Healing Flame as soon as you recover from the stun, you can get back into the fight and still have a good chance to win.

Sometimes, you do enough damage that Grizzle is able to be killed during his first Hibernate, but your Healing Flame is also on cooldown. It's your choice, but you have to hope you can get the heal off immediately after without taking much damage, or maybe swap and heal later, because you want your Fel Flame, and not your Dragonkin to attack Beakmaster.

On the other hand, when I've gone ahead and healed first, I ended up killing him but only having 35% of my health left. Fortunately, you can swap and your heal should be off cooldown when you need it.

Your Fel Flame should do well against Beakmaster, but if your Conflagrate misses, you could still lose. After killing Beakmaster, I decided to swap and let my level 10 pet take one hit from Bloom. This triggered Bloom's Entangling Roots which was enough to kill the low level pet on its own. So I then let the Fel Flame take the damage from that (and die) and then brought in my Spawn of Onyxia to finish the Bloom off.

The last pet is not an easy fight because your pet puts out alot of damage due to tail swipe, but Bloom does extra damage as well. Again you need to use your Healing Flame on every cooldown and you should save your Lift-Off to allow you to avoid damage from Entangling Roots. What usually happens, is the tamer decides to try and burn you down, rather than use the roots, so you can try and use Lift-Off when Bloom's health is very low to finish her off.

Update: I also went back and tried it again leading with a Darkmoon Tonk and a Lil' Ragnaros instead. The tonk managed to clear out the first pet and have the second down to 40%. Ragnaros managed to finish off the Mechanical easily and I was tempted to try it again with a wavering instead as Bloom was more of a problem and I had to use the level 14 pet to get the last 160 or so health.

Update Two: So I came across this cheat sheet which is mostly helpful. The strat they used calls for a Tonk and a Fast Rabbit pet with Burrow and Dodge. This works very well and you can finish the Bloom without taking much damage. So my basic plan is to not use any mines and just beat up the bear and the mechanical with the tonk and use the rabbit to work on the mechanical and the lashling. It's more reliable but requires you to use pets you may not have leveled up yet.

It can also cause a problem if you use Shock and Awe too soon and stun the bear. If this happens, you should swap to your rabbit at the same time to not lose any turns. Or just don't use Shock and Awe.

The bottom line is, this fight is alot harder than it used to be for leveling purposes. If you get some bad RNG, you will lose the fight. Fortunately, the Stable Master is very close. The good news is, if your pet is in its 20s, and can help finish off Bloom, then you should be able to finish the fight without much trouble.

Moonbell is your friend for this fight.

Moonbell is your friend for this fight!