Nik’s Pet Battles

WoW Pet obsession? Don’t mind if I do!

Nik's Big Weekend

Well, I had more time on my hands this weekend than is probably good for me. I had a large number of productive things in store, and I did some of them (no really!) but I also took an extended WoW vacation. Let's hit the highlights:



This massive achievement is finally mine after this epic capture. After logging in around 6 AM server Friday morning (which is a more reasonable 8 PM in my timezone), and seeing at least a dozen campers, I decided I wasn't going to spend my limited play time soaking up the bug riddled atmosphere of Silithus.

So I dropped a Blingtron just to see if the dedicated few would show any signs of life (a few did) and went on to hit up the raids. Friday evening (so 10 AM Saturday for me) there were easily 30 or more hanging out in Silithus. It was like a Pet tamer's Woodstock man! People were actually talking in General about pet taming stuff. There were even one or two guys clearing critters in Ahn'Qiraj to try and force a random spawn.

Well I still didn't join them exactly, but decided to try my luck getting a Rare pet spawn from the Silithus population (which I did). Thirty minutes later, someone in General chat for Silithus was like: "Did Blizzard suddenly up the spawn rate or something, I've never seen this many." Surely enough, one of those mythical "huge spawns" that hit every six hours had just happened.

I flew all the way to the Scarab wall and picked up a Poor quality Guardling. There were a half dozen still around and not very many tamers since they were all still hanging in AQ instead of Silithus and didn't hear the guy in General! I mentioned it in General there rather than trying to farm up a Rare, because I'm a good person, and celebrated with the other campers who had also picked up Zookeeper.

The sad thing is, I was out of Rare stones and had to settle for an Uncommon one I farmed up earlier. Okay, I'm not that sad about it.

Some of you might be asking: Whadda mean you're out of pet stones, you've had all year to farm for it!

An excellent question, where did that Upgrade stone I've been saving disappear to?

That Darn Val'kyr

Unborn Val'kyr

While all of the Über Dedicated tamers were hanging out in Silithus on Friday, I decided to try my luck in Northrend. That decision paid off in spades because, as I checked one of the spawn points in Grizzly Hills, That Darn Val'kyr finally showed up! I'd had a Marked Flawless Battle Stone with her name on it for weeks.

The tame was a very near thing actually because my overeager Arctic Fox managed to crit her to death! Fortunately, she did the undead rez thing and my capture on the next turn worked! I would have been very unhappy if it hadn't…

So it was Saturday afternoon-ish and I'd managed to cross two of the toughest tames off Nik's bucket list. Did I do the smart thing and quit while I was ahead? Hell No! I don't call it an obsession for nothing!!

So what else did I do:

Raiding With Leashes II

Actually, that was pretty much a bust. Freakin' SSC nearly broke me. I gave Vashj the ole college try on my mage and she still had 50+ stacks going into Phase III, which is too much for Nik the Heratik (though my DK can still take her at 99). So I get one shot a week and it's no dice this week.

I also have one pet left in TK but at least I get three shots at Solarian. On the bright side I did pick up a little Impy that was lying around in Karazhan, so I'm officially done with that place, and I also picked up the Pocket Void Reaver after bringing my druid.

Illhoof Imp

But let's be honest, there's no way I was gonna get all four pets I had left after dropping so much RNG to get both the Val'kyr and the Qiraji Guardling. Not gonna happen.

In other news, the Direhorn Runt was now going for 1K on the Auction House, so I picked one up too.

Direhorn Runt

Pet Battle PvP

You'd think I'd have burned my whole weekend at this point, but I managed to cram alot of epic stuff in a short period. So I managed to get my 10 wins in as usual. I even dinged an alt 87 while doing so. This week wasn't nearly as brutal (at least not in level 25s).

After trying to get fancy and break out some elemental combo that wasn't working, I revisited the team from last week. I kept rolling with Eye of the Legion, but instead of Mountain Panda and Wolpertinger, I used Gilnean Raven and Mr. Chilly to fill out the team. This worked surprisingly well. The combo of Darkness + Slippery Ice gave the enemy team and extra 30% chance to miss which frustrated some of the players and let me steal a couple of wins that I otherwise might not have got. They also match up really well against the Dragonkin and Mechanical heavy teams I've been seeing.

No Time To Heal

I also wasted a few hours going for this achievement. I tried taking in some really strong lowbie pets and just beating up some newbies to get that five in a row, but it was tough. I'd build up a streak of two or three and then some other hotshot with the same idea would show up with a Celestial Dragon or Lil' Taragosa combo (seriously, who doesn't get these pets to 25 ASAP?) and I'd be back at square one.

I tried a heavy self healing team (with Sunfur Panda, Pterrordax Hatchling, Phoenix Hatchling) and that felt like trolling, but it worked for a bit. Then someone I'd beaten up a couple of times switched in their own Phoenix Hatchling combo and I was back to square one.

One odd thing I noticed is that, while the number goes down when you lose, it seems to not reset it self if you win and a pet dies. So maybe that's the compromise Blizzard made where if you keep winning you don't get it reset even if you still have to win without losing a pet to make the number go up. I don't know it's just a really stupid hard achievement for only being worth 10 points.

Brawler's Guild

I finally cashed in my Brawler's Guild invite from 5 months ago and started doing that on my Death Knight. It's actually alot of fun. The fights are sometimes a bit gimmicky, but it's sometimes more fun watching them than winning or losing. There was this one miniboss, Blingtron 3000, that had wiped out a few players earlier. Then a smart warrior came in with the solution which was to basically chain together all of the little Blingtron 2000 adds that spawn, and hook them into a Capacitor in the corner to electrocute him. It was gobsmacking watching someone pull that off.

So yeah, I'm at level three and need a few more wins to get the pet from there. At some point, I'm sure I'll hit the gear wall, but I don't think that's until level 6 or so and it'll be a heck of alot more fun than trying to beat up newbies in order to snatch a measly 10 point achievement.

This was an epic weekend and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Even though I got sore and had to stop and do some IRL stuff Sunday afternoon. It makes me remember (once again) why I like this game so much. Even solo the payoff is huge when the stars align and that thing you've been working for finally happens.