Nik’s Pet Battles

WoW Pet obsession? Don’t mind if I do!

Update Time!

Well I've started work, in case you're wondering: Why the slow down? Or maybe: Why the speed up? I was kind of churning out those last few posts.

Anyways, my first day was right before 5.3 hit, so yeah... kind of didn't touch it for almost a week. And the first thing I did when I came back? Well The Longest Day of course! Because I felt the need to go back and make sure my strats still worked. And they did, though Major Payne still annoys me.

PvP Stuff

The next thing I did was PvP pet battles. And I sort of remembered why I don't do them very much. They're hard to predict. You can hit the same person three times in a row but you change one pet to try and match up better and then you get a different person who tries to stomp you differently!

Unlike Liopleurodon, I didn't get too many of those Kun-Lai Runt teams. I hit one or two, but they weren't that tough of a matchup for what I was doing. The very worst was this other pet enthusiast with a Murkablo, a Hand of Gimmick, and a Lil' Taragosa. I went 0-4 against them.

The next worst was another Hand of Gimmick, a Pterrordax Hatchling and a Lil' XT or sometimes a different Mechanical. I managed to go 1-5 or something against them and should have done alot more but I would always get beat by the Hatchling's gigantic heal.

I was originally going with a Chuck + Wolvar Pup with a Nether Roach in there to deal with Flying or Undead pets. This worked well against anything with an Elemental, and most other pets, as you could use Chuck to put a Bleed up and do Blood in the Water, then swapped to my Wolvar and used the extra damage from Maul to finish the first pet in a few moves. The biggest issue I had was the Hatchling + Undead combo since that would chew up my Croc and I only had one pet that could do any damage to them.

I tried several different combos with mixed success, but I finished up with a Critter team with an upgraded Wolpertinger, a Rapana Whelk, and a Nether Roach. This worked surprisingly well, though I think I swapped the roach for an Elemental or Dragonkin just to try something different.

The Wolpertinger was very good as long as it was faster than their pet. With Sleeping Gas, Horn Attack, and Headbutt I was able to keep the few slow Beasts that were there in check as they lost 3-4 turns in the exchange, once I even took down a Lil' XT by hitting it with three turn losing attacks in a row! The Nether Roach was also a surprise, mostly because few players see that breed before and are just expecting Apocalypse, not Magic damage.

Return to Karazhan!

My last two sessions were spent hitting Karazhan on four different toons. The first one didn't get a single drop and took an extra 45 mins until I could figure out how to beat the Chess Event solo. Google was my friend there.

And then I brought in good ol' Nik the Heratik and this happened:

Zomg, Vampire Pony!

ZOMG, Vampire Pony!!

No pets dropped again for either Nik or the 85 Rogue, but I wasn't allowed to complain as I hadn't seen that mount drop since I was raiding Karazhan for reals! And today I finally got these two to drop:

Lil Bad Wolf


Menagerie Custodian

Tiny Robot Man! Is Tiny!

I like the Wolf alot though maybe the tiny robot will grow on me a bit. There's still two more raids I'd like to hit. I should maybe also do some gold farming again as I decided to drop 10K on this:

Crimson Whelpling

Awesome Tiny Dragon!

I don't think I've ever dropped that much on a pet as I prefer to watch the AH like a hawk and catch them when they're relatively cheap. But Crimson Drake is very tough for people to farm so they rarely let one go on the AH. My best guess is it dropped in a non-collector's Tanking goodie bag, but it's hard to say. In any case, I bought it straight away as even on my mature server you're not likely to see it again for a few months. That was when the last one I saw showed up for around 9k bid.

There's my update for a bit. I'll likely go over the Upgraded Beasts of Legend soon and maybe dabble in some PvP, but I'm not likely to have the time for a week or more. Have fun peeps!