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WoW Pet obsession? Don’t mind if I do!

Taming Eastern Kingdoms #1:
The Crazy Snake Lady

Look a map!

Here be snakes!

Quick note: just in case any of you are like: Y U NO KALIMDOR BRO? I'll just point out that my gnome mage can do these much faster than any of my Horde side toons (GG Teleport), and leave it at that.

Your first challenge — The Crazy Snake Lady.

Your First Challenge: The Crazy Snake Lady.

I know what you're thinking: Snakes… why did it have to be snakes!

Or maybe you're thinking, do the neighbors know about her little snake obsession??

In any case, the Crazy Snake Lady has two snakes and they're both level 2, but she loves them anyway (maybe a little too much). As long as your pets are all level 2, she's kind of a pushover. Especially since you get to use one more pet than she does. I'm going to go through the fight anyway since it's a good introduction to those wacky pet tamers you'll be spending so much time with.

The Abilities

Meet Fangs

Meet Fangs

Fangs is level 2, but he has three abilities! ZOMG haxx! Since he's a beast, he will eat up your little critters, but has a real problem with flying things. I guess he chokes on the feathers or something.

What you have to watch out for with Fangs is his Poison Fang which puts a debuff on your pets that does 9 damage each turn for 5 turns. This means you gotta swap your first pet when it gets close to 45 hit points, or watch your poor little buddy slowly die of poison while you beat up on the other snake. So sad!

And Slither

Meet Slither

Slither also has three abilities, which makes the crazy snake lady a huge hacker or something! But never fear, he won't poison your little pets. He'll just slow them down and kill them with his Vicious Fangs! Kill him quickly as he hits harder with that ability the more he uses it on your pet. If you start getting beat up too much, swap pets as that resets the fang damage counter.

An easy win and we're now level 3!

An easy win and we're now Level 3!

There's really not much more to this tamer. So let's head on over to Westfall next!