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Rebuilding and Upkeep

I've been super busy and only somewhat interested in WoW lately. That means I haven't been up to blogging much. So it goes.

I've enjoyed Warlords of Draenor quite a bit and I'm looking forward to the next expac, but much of what I had written going back two or three years now is outdated. Some of this is due to the new changes to the garrison, some of it is the availability of new pets. From helping out my GF with her pet adventures, I'm beginning to see that a new approach is needed for those starting out.

The posts are still there, much of the tamer fights are still helpful, but pretty much everything else is not that helpful and may even be confusing for new battlers, as it doesn't mesh with what other sites are saying. And I don't have time to update this right now to be more helpful.

So, I've put all of my old posts in the archive. Also, I've changed some things internally on this site which shouldn't cause too many problems, but may break an external link here and there.

If I get the time, I will try and make another guide to starting out. I may also just blog about whatever else I feel like, either on the pets site or on other areas of the site.

Cheers and Happy Hunting!

Nik the Heratik