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Emily Haines

So this is the lead singer of Metric releasing a couple of albums on her own. I don't know that there will be any followups.

It was very different from what she did for Metric, so it took me a bit to get into it, but it is also very good.

Sounds like: Emily Haines. So electronic pop meets amazing singer-songwriter.


Knives don't have your back
I wait and I count
But knives don't have your back
I wait and I count to the last breath we take
What we make doesn't make sense.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥


Links: Band Page, Wikipedia


Edge of Arbor

One of those bands I heard about from Hear Nebraska and decided to listen to.

They've got a good sound and nice vocals. The lyrics are okay, but not the real draw. Definitely worth a listen though.

Sounds like: Band of Skulls, but more mellow, and with a female lead vocal. A little bit of The Cure too.

Rating: ★★★

Status: Active.

Links: Facebook, Bandcamp


The Band That Saved the World

Once upon a time, in LFK, there was this band that saved the world with the power of Funk! Then they all left and got day jobs or something, IDK.

Lots of fun songs from them, worth a look.

Sounds like: Wild Cherry, Stevie Wonder, something funky!


Well the Funkbus don't slow down
But if you want to, we can break down

Rating: ♥♥♥

Status: Inactive.

Links: Facebook, iTunes


Fiona Apple

So Fiona Apple takes alot of flak, maybe more than her fair share. Sure, she's a bit weird, but the bottom line is she's an indie rocker who was co-opted by the MTV industrial complex and didn't know WTF to do.

Another singer that I have a hard time getting perspective on, since listening to her songs sometimes brings back all these emotions from darker days. Less so than other singers though.

So she's good, especially her first two albums. But maybe you just needed to have experienced the 90s to realize how out there she was compared to the rest of the pack.

Sounds like: The 90s. Before all this weird crap happened.


Baby. No not “Baby” anymore.
If I need you, I'll just use your simple name.
Only kisses on the cheek from now on,
and in a little while, we’ll only have to wave.

Rating: ✶✶✶

Status: Active -ish.

Links: Band Page, Wikipedia


The Get Up Kids

I heard about these guys from a reunion show they were having that was covered on I ♥ Local Music and they're good, but they feel a little dated. To me at least.

Campfire Kansas is their best song, and it's excellent.

Sounds like: A pretty good college rock band.


Our boats collide
we feel the breeze.
We'd stay afloat
and make the most of everything.

The sun would set
the stars would shine
the trees would shake
we'd all feel fine.

Let's take the moon
and make it shine
for everyone.

Rating: ♥♥♥

Status: Reunion Tour!

Links: Facebook, Wikipedia


The Greatful Dead

So, WTH am I doing an entry on The Grateful Dead? Have I turned hippy or something?

No, they're just a band I like. Especially Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty. And they sort of bridge the gap between some of the rock groups I like, and bluegrass type bands like The Devil Makes Three, for example.

Sounds like: The 60s maaan!


You make good money
Five dollars a day!
Made anymore, you might move away!


Status: Truckin

Links: Web Site, Wikipedia

The Harvey Girls

So I first heard about this band from a coworker who was dating the guy who made the cover to their CD. Or something, IDK it was awhile ago.

They're a really nice band, the lead singer is a doll, and has a good voice. But they take a long time to release. You may have to scroll down to the hidden part of their site, but The Wild Farewell is worth checking out, in addition to their newer stuff.

Sounds like: A good retro indie rock band. They're hard to peg really.


There are no power lines,
no engine sounds
or warning signs
to tell her it’s not safe
to drink the river

Rating: ♥♥♥

Status: active-ish.

Links: Band Page, Bandcamp, The Wild Farewell

Heidi Lynne Gluck

Another good singer I heard about from I ♥ Local Music. The EP is great, and there's another cover she did of a Neil Young song that was good as well.

Check out her YouTube channel as well.

Sounds like: A damn good singer/songerwriter


I'm always her, the only girl in the room
I drink and twirl, and smile, and croon
I pretend not to notice and I hardly ever do
Wherever I go, I'm the only girl in the room.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Status: Slow, but steady otherwise.

Links: Home Page, Soundcloud, Pitch Weekly, YouTube channel


Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs

Another one of those weird kind-of-folk/kind-of-not, bands that I like to listen to sometimes. This duo is very prolific and I've only got two of their albums. Their best tracks from those, like You can't buy a gun, Burn your fun, and My 45 are really catchy, but they have some misses too. Worth a listen, if you like that sort of music. Would be a treat to hear live I think (YouTube video is FTW).

Sounds like: Something off of the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack.


Well I swear I didn’t do it
It was way before my time
and I ain’t never done no wrong
that Jesus had to die!

Oh holy Moses,
Lord have mercy,
Glory be!

Well I’m gettin’ high for Jesus,
’cause it got so low for me...

Rating: ♥♥♥

Status: Active.

Links: Band Page, Wikipedia



So the first I heard of them was from the song they did for the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, but I hit them right at the time they released Fantasies, which was one of their best.

They've moved closer to straight electronic on some of their albums, but they are alot of fun to listen to and if you haven't heard of them yet, you should definitely give them a listen.

Sounds like: An awesome rock band.


Gimme Sympathy
After all of this is gone
Who would you rather be?
The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

Oh seriously,
You’re gonna make mistakes, you’re young.
Come on baby, play me something
like “Here comes the sun”

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Status: Active!

Links: Band Page, Wikipedia