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So I think I came across Katie Crutchfield’s solo project via Youtube or another recommendation. Their music is very well done. Interesting without seeming too busy or derivative. But the real draw is her amazing voice and lyrics which make even her stripped down solo performances seem captivating.

Her first album, American Weekend is highly recommended as well as her newest album Ivy Tripp. Cerulean Salt, her second album, was well received but didn't really draw me in as much as the other two.

Sounds like: A really good indie rock singer, with a cute southern drawl.


It’s late
You are not awake
And it’s nothing

I want you so bad it’s devouring me
And I think I love you
But you’ll never find out

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Status: Active!

Links: Band Page, Wikipedia


Live Studio from Ivy Tripp: