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Laura Stevenson

Really good singer with a great range from pure pop, to melancholy singer/songwriter. The best songs from her new album Cocksure are pop or indie rock, but interesting enough that you don’t get tired of listening.

The best of her solo songs are very subtle but reward careful listening. If you’re only paying attention to her newest work, like I did, you’re missing out on some good stuff. I had the chance to hear her perform live, and it was really excellent and would recommend to anyone.

Even better, check out her live album!

Sounds like: A lighthearted rock singer, on her newest album, and a solid singer-songwriter on her other albums.


So I put it on you 'cause it's easier to do.

I watch you smoke until you know me

'til you're dizzy and you're lonely

Make the move

I am leaving it up to you

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Status: Active.

Links: Website, Wikipedia.