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Nicole Atkins

The music is enjoyable and she has an amazing voice. Her lyrics are sometimes quirky, sometimes soulful, and with a hint of irony even in the sadder songs.

Her closest thing to a complete album is Slow Phaser but there are plenty of other good songs to pick from if you’d rather do that. Oh Canada, Cry, Cry, Cry, Girl You Look Amazing and Cool People are good tracks to start with.

Sounds like: Jenny Lewis (kinda), Neko Case (kinda), but mostly herself.


I’m always naked in my mind
Trying to reconcile, with a towering dark side
Reluctant daughter of night, reluctant daughter of night

Everyone stumbles, in spite of themselves
But you’re holding the cards, and not sharing the wealth

So I Cry, Cry, Cry,
Don’t you know how I feel

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Status: Active!

Links: Home Page, Wikipedia