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Meg Myers

Her lyrics are raw and unforgiving which is good. Her voice is breathy, but good to listen to, and captivating on her best songs.

The music itself can be a little rough and repetitive, and I tend to sour on it if I listen to it too much in a short time.

Daughter in the Choir is my favorite of her albums so far, pretty much all good there. The others aren’t quite up to that standard, but they’re not bad.

Sounds like: Alanis Morissette. Or maybe an angry Mariah Carey with an electric guitar backing her up instead of a hip-hop beat.


I’m waving my hands
You don’t break
You don’t understand

Lie to my face, run away,
You’re just that kind of man.

Rating: ✶✶✶

Status: Active.

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