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Lot Walks

Heard about this band first from Hear Nebraska and they’re just fun to listen to.

The lyrics aren't super deep, but their music is still good and their music doesn’t wear out quickly like some pop groups. They've got one album, Santa Molly, and it's worth a listen. Their earlier EP Tourist is also good, but most of the songs are in the album.

Sounds like: The Beach Boys, kind of, only with a single front-woman singer instead. So not really like them at all.


And if I see you everyday
That’s okay,
we’ll surf ’em all away.

When I strike gold, we’ll walk these streets all alone.

Oh, Californ-IA,
It’s a long ways away.

Oh, Californ-IA,
We’ll get there someday.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Status: Active.

Links: Band Page, Bandcamp, 2014 Hear Nebraska Interview