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Loreena McKennitt

It's hard to believe she's been working for 30 years, and it's been 20 years since some of her big hits were released. She was doing self-released albums back before it was cool. Heck, I was reading about her on Usenet and some email lists back then. God I'm old…

Her music felt like it was from another time even back then, so it's obviously still holding up the same today. Can't say the same thing about the videos, however.

She's always released very slowly, producing layered and interesting music with her haunting voice topping it off. I don't know that her music appeals to most people who listen to the rock-and-roll stuff I usually list, but sometimes you just need to relax and unwind and this is one of the best for that.

The Mask and Mirror and The Book of Secrets are her two best albums, though her earlier stuff is good too. An Ancient Muse and her newer album was nice, but not quite up to her previous work. Considering the personal tragedy that caused her to just stop recording for 5+ years, it was still very welcome.

Sounds like: An elf singer from The Lord of the Rings.


Turning to go
Heard you call out my name
Like a bird in a cage
Spreading its wings to fly

The old ways are lost
You sang as you flew
And I wondered why

The thundering waves
Are calling me home
Unto you

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Status: Slow, but still out there.

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