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The Kinetiks

Heard these guys live all through the LFK. They're just a typical four-piece band, but their lyrics are quirky and interesting, and they're just fun to listen to.

Science is Magic is a good album to start off with but they're all good. If you're going for best tracks, I'd pick In Your Head, Polished Girl, and Cheap Cigarettes.

Sounds like: The best band you’ve never heard of! Okay, maybe not, but they’re alot of fun.


I go to church
Smelling like gin and cheap cigarettes
I go to work, looking like s--t
In my cheap pair of pants, cheap pair of pants!

I waste my time and wait for change,
I sleep all day.
I waste my time and wait for change.

I can’t take this, anymore…

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Status: Retired.

Links: Bandcamp