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Joyce Manor

I ran across this band after a neat interview on Hear Nebraska with Sara Bertuldo () from See Through Dresses.

Never Hungover Again has some brilliant tracks. Especially Falling in Love Again, Victoria, and Catalina Fight Song. I've picked up S/T as well and it's good, but a bit more garage/punk while Never Hungover Again is more polished. Their newest album, Cody is closer to their second album, but the songs are maybe not as catchy.

They're a fun band to listen to. Their albums run around 20 mins, so each song is really quick without sounding repetitive or too predictable.

Sounds like: The Strokes, if they did mostly short catchy rock songs. Or The Smiths, if they had more angsty lyrics.


I think you’re funny
I like your friends
I like the way they treat you.

I’ve got some money
that we could spend.
I bet you’d like that.

I’m falling in love again…

It’s too sad
put a marker on a paper bag
You could wear it like a mask
You could be your own Dad.

Rating: ★★★★

Status: Active!

Links: Band Page, Wikipedia, Bandcamp