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The Dears

Another bit of an early ’00s downer band. But they've got a few songs that just stick with you. And they're nice to listen to while doing some work as they're easy to tune in and out of without completely distracting you.

Gang of Losers and No Cities Left are their best stuff. I sort of stopped listening after their third album, but they're still going.

Sounds like: Metric, Death Cab for Cutie, crossed with more Electronica


So you've decided on an art school
So it's not that you were trying to be cruel
All she wanted was a boyfriend
Or a means to justifiable ends

Thirty years ago this wouldn't be
I was happy
Last night I flickered off to sleep at four a.m.
Now it's seven

Well, the ocean is long and deep but I'm gonna try
Maybe I'll die…

Rating: ✶✶✶

Status: Active

Links: Band Page, Wikipedia