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La Guerre / Katlyn Conroy

One of my favorites to come out of Lawrence. She's got a great, unique voice, and some good lyrics, but her music choices can range from catchy pop to dreamy electronic. And you can't always tell what her next piece of work will be like.

Sapphires and I Think I'll Stay Inside are her best albums. Also check out her work in Cowboy Indian Bear.

Sounds like: Herself.


But my keys stuck in the deadbolt
and my rings still in that Motel 8 in Omaha

and I hope that maids enjoying it
my fingers finally used to it
that weightlessness that makes my hand raise way too fast
when I gesture, Goodbye...

Tomorrow I'll find me some work
I think it's dumb
but I'm young, and I'm broke

And I know, no one can tell me
what I'll be, it's up to me.
I'm not smart, but I'm wise and you'll see
I'll be, happy as I am today

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Status: Active.

Links: Facebook, Bandcamp her first album is here.