Nik’s Music Almanac

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Cowboy Indian Bear

These guys and gal were hardworking and much loved around Lawrence. But with the level of talent they had, they were always set to either take off, or break apart and do their own thing.

Anyways, great sound, great lyrics, really nice harmonies. Not something you can dance to, but great to listen to anytime.

Sounds like: Modest Mouse, kind of, but with better lyrics. Mostly just like Cowboy Indian Bear.


Heart it beats us senseless
Stay here for awhile
But you never have time

I’m an Atlas for you all
A pillar of vigor
But it's so hard to stand out alone
Keep my thoughts unwavered
Now my shoulder’s just broken bones,
Torn muscle and tendons

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Status: Retired. And I wish I could have heard more from them.

Links: Bandcamp