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See Through Dresses

Another shoe gazer, but they're best-of-show calibre. Their lyrics kind of make sense, but not really. And it doesn't matter as they still mean something.

They've got this great sound that isn’t indulgent, but is still intricate enough that you don't get tired of even if you accidentally listen to their album on repeat a couple of times. Great for listening to at work when you need to get into a rhythm without being distracted.

They've got a second newish album which is very good as well.

Sounds like: My Bloody Valentine, The Cure.


I’m boring by myself, in any other form
All my plans derail, they dissolve then I am borne
Of a bittersweet disease to never know if she
If she's really happy
Am I really happy

You make disasters sigh, you're overrun
I don't know why, I never knew
How much you cared, I never cared
How much you knew

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Status: Active. Touring.

Links: Band Page, Bandcamp.