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Black Christmas

Gotta say, that one time, at The Replay, when they played their entire set in the patio out back while a video feed of some old movie was projected onto the building next door. That was pretty awesome man!

Anyways, you've probably never heard of these guys. Not in a hipster kind of way, but simply because they stay pretty local, only come out occasionally, and hardly ever release anything. But they're pretty great to listen to. None of that weird guy with a keyboard doing stupid nonsense off in a corner. This is a four piece band with a loud sound, that just pours over you. Or at least it was the last time I heard them, a few years back.

Sounds like: Rush, only without vocals, and with more electric guitar. Like electric guitar up to 11.

Rating: ☃☃☃☃

Status: At The Replay, having a PBR.

Links: Facebook, Bandcamp

Video: Nothing live I can find, but someone posted these Obscure B-sides