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Yet Another Pointless Waste of Time

Laura Stevenson

Laura Stevenson on Stage in Melbourne

I forgot how much I live music.

I talked the better half into staying up late on a school night and trekking into Collingwood to hear a singer she had never heard, and I had only been listening to a hundred times or so in the past year. One of us was much more enthused than the other but the music was very good.

Iona Cairns

She was an okay opening act, but not very popular with the other half. Alot of very sad, very personal lyrics with a good voice and guitar work. Not worth going to see on her own, however.

Lucy Wilson

Lucy is a really good singer with a nice stage banter and some intense lyrics. I would be interested in seeing her play with a full band, and I may get the chance as she's Australian. Her older EP is here: and she said she has some new solo music coming out at some point.

Laura Stevenson

I have mostly listened to her newest Alternative crossover album Cocksure, which was with a full band and quite different from her solo show here. But that's good because it gave me a chance to listen to songs from her solo albums completely cold. And those albums are excellent, even if they're more Singer-Songwriter girl with a guitar rather than a real rock album.

I have no idea what her fan base is like in the U.S., but it was a real treat for this fan at least to hear her fill up the small space with some amazing music. I hope she's able to come back to Australia fairly soon, although she'll probably have a bigger stage on her next trip.

Signed Album

Yay! A new signed album!!
Now I just need a record player…